2016 Nerd Needs Gift Guide – Kitchen Nerdiness

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Whether you choose a t-shirt, blanket, or coffee mug – there are a lot of cool ways out there to let your Nerd Flag Fly. We figured why not continue the fandom love in the kitchen? In recent years there’s been an explosion of nerd and geekery in the kitchen accessory world and we thought we would help out with some great holiday gift ideas for the pop culture-enthused chef on your list. Presenting our 2016 Nerd Needs Gift Guide – Kitchen Nerdiness Edition!

On the list you’ll find cool takes on kitchen items like salt-n-pepper shakers, teapots, a coffee press and more! We know there are a lot of accessories and gadgets out there so we narrowed down the list to cover some of the more popular fandoms out there like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Fallout, and Disney in order to make it a little easier for you. There may be more added to list in the next few days but for right now we hope of you enjoy this cool collection of choices!

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