A Visit to Funko Headquarters

A short, 25 minute Uber ride away from Seattle, there is a series of warehouses that might go unnoticed to the average person.  For the true Funatic though, this is hallowed ground – a place that many might call Mecca – Funko headquarters.

Last week, leading up our first trip to Emerald City Comic Con, we made sure to carve out some extra time so we could visit Funko and get a tour of the facility.  Luckily, our friends at Funko granted us access so things didn’t have to get weird.  We were going to visit one way or another.


Above the front door, there is a very simple sign, but we knew there was much more beyond those doors.  The front lobby was made for Funko Funatic photo opportunities (say that 5 times fast), so we took advantage of the time and snapped some pics.


The tour was awesome.  Our guide (and new friend) Cameron walked us past the administrative area, where you could see that row of giant Freddy Funkos and out to the warehouse, which is GINORMOUS!!  You know that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where they take the ark for storage… yeah, just like that. They are currently in the process of adding shelves because they are in need of more room.

After the warehouse we were allowed into the art area, but photos were prohibited.  If only you could have seen all the awesome stuff that we got our peepers on, including a giant wall of artwork for all the Pop!’s, Mystery Minis, Vinyl Idolz & other figures that are currently in development.  SO MANY WANTS!!!


At the end of our tour, we headed over to a room that Cameron loosely called “the museum.”  Sure, there were tons of current Pop!’s lining the perimeter of the room, but the majority of the shelving housed Pop!’s, Wacky Wobblers and figures from past years – figures you would have a hard time finding anywhere.  Many of them were figures I didn’t even knew existed.  We did our best to capture pics of them all.  Drool at your leisure.


Thanks again to our friends at Funko! We had a blast and hope that we one day get to visit again.  Or, if you need some help out there and have an extra desk…..

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  1. We were able to tour their facility a little over a year ago. It’s absolutely amazing how FULL the warehouse is now compared to this time last year. I did 3 short photo posts for it: http://thevinyltoycollection.tumblr.com/post/81245930319/we-had-the-privilege-of-touring-the-funko-office

  2. Amazing pics. Wow, I mean WOW, I never knew some of those Star Wars pieces existed. Great coverage

  3. Can we take any pops from the meuseum

  4. Yes! Finally something about best headset.

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