‘Aladdin’ Disney Dorbz by Funko

Don’t you dare close your eyes……because you won’t want to miss Funko’s new Aladdin Dorbz! These little collectibles are cuter than cute and you don’t have to visit a Cave of Wonders to get them. So the next time you plan on taking the carpet out for a spin, keep an eye out for Genie, Rajah or the Genie CHASE variant Dorbz at your local comic shop, or simply click on the link below and pre-order them from the comfort of your own palace!

ALADDIN Disney Dorbz

Join us on a magic carpet ride! Along the way, collect some of your favorite Aladdin characters as Disney Dorbz! This series includes Jafar, Rajah and Genie! Genie has CHASE variant with a 1 in 6 rarity, while Jafar is limited to just 4000 pieces! Collect them all this spring!

NOTE: We have provided a link to the Red Genie CHASE figure below. This will simply take you to the pre-order entry on Entertainment Earth where you can pre-order the regular version with a CHANCE of receiving the CHASE version.







**SPECIAL NOTE: Unfortunately, plenty of retailers have now pre-sold out of the Jafar Limited Edition Dorbz. However, Funko Hunters may want to check other “e-commerce” sites, local Funko Facebook Groups, or even their local comic book shops in May and June for a second chance.


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