July, 2013

  • 24 July

    SDCC – 20th Century Fox Panel [PHOTOS]


    Comic-Con’s Hall H is a place of Legend. It’s where the biggest crowds gather (the room holds around 6,500 people) and the biggest reveals happen (think Avengers). Over the last few years, it has also become the biggest gamble to get into. The true fans line up MANY hours before …

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  • 23 July

    Supernatural Panel – SDCC 2013 [PHOTOS]

    Supernatural - SDCC - 2013

    Of all the movies and shows represented at Comic Con, Supernatural was one of the hottest commodities. The die-hard fans of the show that made it to SDCC, Steve and I included, lined up the night before and slept on concrete just to make it into the panel to see …

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  • 21 July

    Dexter Farewell Panel – SDCC 2013 [PHOTOS]


    Eight seasons and almost 100 episodes of a television show where the main character is a serial killer. Laughter, sadness, goodbyes… Who thought these things could all possibly go together? We did. The fans did! It wasn’t until April of this year that it was officially announced – Dexter would …

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  • 20 July

    X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel at SDCC 2013 [PHOTOS]


    From 1993 – 2002 the X-Files dominated the TV landscape. Viewers followed the careers and personal lives of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and were eventually treated to two films that continued the amazing story. 20 years after the show began, a panel was announced for Comic Con 2013 …

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  • 19 July

    The Funko Booth at SDCC 2013 [PHOTOS]


    Thursday at Comic Con started with a mission for the NerdFu crew – get to the Funko booth.  With dozens of amazing exclusives available and thousands upon thousands of FunkoFunatics attending SDCC, we couldn’t take the chance that our favorite Pop!’s and Wacky Wobblers would sell out before we could …

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  • 18 July

    The Con Before the Storm – Wednesday at SDCC [PHOTOS]


    The NerdFu crew has been at SDCC since yesterday and we took the time today (before the convention really starts) to take in the sites and sounds of San Diego Comic Con… before the storm. Here are some photos we captured in different locations around the San Diego Convention Center. …

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  • 17 July

    Funko’s SDCC 2013 Exclusives – Sixth Wave


    Had enough info about the Funko SDCC Exclusives? No, us either. With every wave of reveals, there have been several must haves and this latest wave is no different. There is enough Marvel and Hello Kitty here to make your head catch on fire (did we mention Ghost Rider was …

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  • 17 July

    The Course of the Force Arrives in San Diego [PHOTOS]


    Yesterday, the NerdFu crew arrived in San Diego for Comic Con, but since the official festivities of SDCC don’t kick off until the evening of 7-17 we found ourselves hitting the web to find out what awesome con-related activities were getting started a little early. We didn’t have to search …

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  • 16 July

    Funko’s SDCC 2013 Exclusives – Fifth Wave – Disney


    Disney, Disney and more Disney.  That’s right, fans of the mouse rejoice because the fifth wave of Funko SDCC 2013 Exclusives was just revealed and we’ve got all the juicy tidbits. A total of 12 new exclusives, including an assortment of Pop!’s and Wacky Wobblers, is headed to San Diego …

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  • 15 July

    Pacific Rim Print Series – Artist Todd Slater

    Todd Slater - Cover

    Pacific Rim hit theaters on Friday and, as one of the fans who made sure this was an opening weekend event, I have to say it was AMAZING!  There were so many WOW! moments in the film that I’m really surprised someone’s head didn’t explode. (in the audience I mean …

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  • 15 July

    SDCC Funko Mystery Prize Pack GIVEAWAY


    The NerdFu boys are headed off to SDCC, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop back at the dojo. No! In fact, we want to get you in on the SDCC magic by giving you a little something that we’ll pick up while in San Diego. a …

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  • 13 July

    Loot Crate – NerdFu Interviews Co-Founder Matt Arevalo


    Last weekend at RTX 2013, the NerdFu duo (Steve & Sully) sat down with Loot Crate Co-Founder Matt Arevalo to find out more about their business and what members can expect over the upcoming months/years. WHAT IS LOOT CRATE Loot Crate is the monthly gear and swag club for those …

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  • 13 July

    “X” May Mark Another Spot for 20th Century Fox


    Okay mutants. Not that the Avengers need a break or anything BUT with all the teams out there in Marvel-land it wouldn’t hurt to see more of the mutants, espeically those in the X-Men’s world. We do have The Wolverine to look forward to and that Mageneto movie is stuck …

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  • 13 July

    Velvet Ropes Don’t Part Easily at SDCC, But There’s Still Lots to Do

    VIP Parties

    “It’s the most..wonderful time…of the year..” No disrepect to the jolly ‘ol fat guy in the red suit BUT those words above are particularly sweeter right around now. With all the nerds and geeks and in-betweeners descending on poor ‘ol San Diego in several days, no doubt are the panels …

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  • 12 July

    Pacific Rim Print Series – Artist James Fosdike

    JamesFosdike - Cover

    Pacific Rim is in theaters now and I could not be more excited about seeing the film.  Over the last few weeks, in anticipation of the film, our friends at Odd City Entertainment have been slowly revealing their Pacific Rim Print Series and today we have another new artist design …

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