June, 2013

  • 10 June

    “In the Flesh” – A Nerd Review


    In case you aren’t familiar (and many in the states probably aren’t) In the Flesh is a three-part mini-series that aired on BBC last week (June 6-8). Zombie teenager Kieren Walker isn’t comfortable in his ‘undead’ state. He didn’t want to come back – he wanted to be dead. After his suicide four …

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  • 7 June

    Up Next : SDCC – THE Comic Con


    [ujicountdown id=”Standard” expire=”2013/07/18 09:30″ hide = “true”]   Last July, Steve and I attended our first SDCC and it was nothing short of a mind-blowing experience.  Honestly, we both walked away with a different perspective on conventions and all things nerd/geek related. You can read all about it on my …

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  • 6 June

    Breaking News: Fugitive Toys Pop! Vinyl Exclusives


    Pair the words “exclusive” and “Pop!” together and you have my attention.  Multiply that by seven and add in “SDCC” – TAKE MY MONEY!! Doing my SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) research this morning, I stumbled onto a listing for some comic-con exclusives from Fugitive Toys.  Then, with a little …

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  • 4 June

    Exclusive Reverse Flash Pop! Combo GIVEAWAY


    Several weeks ago, I attended Dallas Comic Con and I didn’t come home empty handed! Fans of NerdFu are in for a treat, because I brought back a VERY exclusive set of Reverse Flash Funko Pop! figures that were only available at the convention and are already going for big …

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  • 3 June

    The World’s End – Trailer


    Any fans of Shaun of the Dead and/or Hot Fuzz out there? – Yeah, we thought so.  Pegg & Frost are absolutely brilliant together on screen (Yes, even in Paul they had some great moments), but when you pair them up with Edgar Wright you’ve got pure comedy magic on …

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  • 2 June

    Transformers 4 “Rolls Out” More Images

    new main image

    Hey you! Put down those Energon goodies and feast your eyes on the images of Transformers 4 that have recently hit the web-o-sphere! Even though we’ve been waiting impatiently patiently for some news of a plot for the new film, we’ll gladly take new images of characters. The most recent …

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May, 2013

  • 31 May

    Funko Pop! Movies – Watchmen


    Zack Snyder has a new film coming to theaters soon (Super-something) but before he was the new face of DC he directed a very ambitious film based on a graphic novel – Watchmen.  Like it or not, the film brought to life some very memorable characters and now Funko is …

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  • 31 May

    Now You See Me [Trailer]


    While the press has been kinda quiet for Now You See Me, I have to admit……..I really can’t wait  to see this! True, I am a sucker for Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson but they’re not the only Hollywood heavyweights in this film. With such a strong cast that includes …

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  • 31 May

    Comicpalooza 2013 – The Aftermath

    main use 1

    In a little town called Houston, during this past Memorial Day weekend, the massive George R. Brown convention center was taken over by outside forces wielding spandex, pizza slices, elf ears, and digital cameras. These forces flocked to the convention center for a gathering known as Comicpalooza. I know what …

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  • 30 May

    Machete Kills – Full Trailer Online NOW!


    Let’s face it. Robert Rodriguez films are just fun! They aren’t meant to be believable and they aren’t gonna win an Oscar for best picture, but they are guaranteed to entertain and you know there’s gonna be a plethora of recognizable celebrities in every one.  Machete Kills doesn’t look like …

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  • 29 May

    The Walking Dead Pop! – Series 3 Officially Announced


    Rumors and leaked photos have been circling the interwebs for a few days now, but the official word has been handed down (no pun intended Merle) – The Walking Dead Pop! – Series 3 figures will be here soon… very soon.  These bad boys will be available on July 11th! …

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  • 27 May

    Galacticon 2013 – Olmos and McDonnell Panel


    If you were lucky enough to attend Galacticon 2013 here in Houston AND you were lucky enough to get in the massive line before it finally flowed into this panel, then you … well, you’ll probably still love this. Talk about exciting.  Battlestar Galactica fans were treated to a panel …

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  • 27 May

    Comicpalooza 2013 – Cosplay [PHOTOS]


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people are so creative. While Comicpalooza didn’t have as much cosplay as I’ve seen at other conventions, there were still some quality costumes making their way around the show floor this year in Houston. Enjoy and remember, each of these …

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  • 26 May

    Galacticon 2013 – Latin Panel – Olmos and Morales


    Galacticon3, held in Houston May 23-26, hosted many panels over the course of the weekend.  The first large panel of Saturday was titled “Latin Panel” and featured Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama – Battlestar Galactica) and Esai Morales (Joseph Adama – Caprica). Olmos and Morales shared their opinions on …

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  • 26 May

    Galacticon 2013 – Battlestar Galactica Autograph Sessions


    Attending comic conventions (or cons) is a great way for fans like you and I to get closer to the stars of our favorite television shows and movies.  At most of these cons, we are also provided the opportunity to meet these stars and get autographs (for a price of …

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