August, 2014

  • 2 August

    ‘Interstellar’ Reaches New Heights – [TRAILER]

    inter COVER

    “Mum’s the word” has been a motto for a while for director Christopher Nolan’s space epic Interstellar. But after he and Matthew McConaughey showed up a few weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con for the Paramount Pictures panel, we can see why. Take a look at this goosebump-inducing trailer or catch …

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  • 1 August

    Introducing Funko Pocket Pop!’s Keychains


    Funko Fun Days 2014 (which went down during SDCC) was a blast and we walked away with some great Funko swag as well as some information on new lines and new licenses coming to collectors within the next year.  One of those lines, Pocket Pop!’s Keychains, sounded amazing and we …

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July, 2014

  • 31 July

    Funko Booth at SDCC 2014


    Two years ago we walked into the Funko booth, a small area with a few sets of shelves, and had our choice of Funko Pop!’s.  There was no line and we were still newbies to the Funko name ourselves. Fast forward to 2014 and WOW! – things have changed.  Lines …

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  • 30 July

    Mad Max: Fury Road [TRAILER]


    We didn’t have the pleasure of attending the Warner Bros. panel at Comic Con this year, so we were bummed to hear that we missed out on an amazing trailer for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road.  Luckily for us, the full trailer was posted to the web shortly after, so …

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  • 25 July

    SDCC 2014 – Around the Con and Star Wars Party [PHOTOS]


    Wednesday is Preview Night at SDCC.  We weren’t lucky enough to score tickets for the coveted event, but that didn’t stop us from taking in all the sights and sounds around the con.  There is PLENTY to do even if you don’t have tickets to SDCC. Wednesday evening, we were …

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  • 24 July

    Comic Con Surprize Pack Giveaway


    Maybe you didn’t get tickets to SDCC 2014.  Maybe you just didn’t have time to get around and snatch up all the SDCC exclusives that you wanted.  Maybe you just want more swag (honestly – can you ever have enough).  No matter the reason, we’ve got a Prize Pack for …

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  • 23 July

    Her Universe and Nerdist Bring Us One Hoodie to Rule Them All


    Her Universe is already known for coming up with some of the BEST designs in chic geek wear, some you’ll be able to see at their first fashion show at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Thursday night. Now they have gone an extra step for con attendees. With the help of …

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  • 23 July

    SDCC 2014 – The Con Before the Storm [PHOTOS]


    Tuesday, we took to the streets of San Diego to capture some images of the convention center and surrounding areas, before the invasion of SDCC attendees.  Things are still coming together, but there were plenty of awesome Comic Con sites.

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  • 21 July

    Funko’s 2014 SDCC Exclusives – Reveal #9


    SDCC exclusive news continues with Reveal #9 from our friends at Funko.  This is the FINAL announcement from Funko for this year’s Comic Con.  In case you missed the previous announcements, we’ve got them all here on the blog. click on any of the images below for a larger image …

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  • 20 July

    Xbox Invites You to “Enjoy Your Burrito” and More with a Chance to Win Custom Xbox One Consoles


    If you’re one of the Powerball-like lucky winners attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, then you’re in for a potential treat. Among all the wonderful events that we know will take place – the Marvel panel, the WB panel, The Walking Dead Escape, standing in lines that shave years off …

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  • 18 July

    SDCC 2014 – Nerd Fu Ready for Action


    Next week is Comic Con and the Nerd Fu boys are ready for action.  Our small crew will join 130,000 other nerds for THE convention of the year, the Super Bowl of conventions, the Holy Grail of ….. (you get the picture). This will be our third SDCC and, in …

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  • 18 July

    PAX Finds It’s Way to Texas with PAX South – Coming January 2015

    pax south TWITTER

    Next January, Texas will be added to the menu options for the large gaming conference known as PAX! Already synonymous with some of the biggest fan conventions anywhere, PAX is sure to gather gaming fans of not just Texas but of the surrounding region as well. They say everything is bigger …

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  • 17 July

    Funko’s 2014 SDCC Exclusives – Reveal #8


    SDCC exclusive news continues with Reveal #8 from our friends at Funko.  This is just the 8th of MANY announcements coming our way from Funko between now and July 23rd (preview night).  In case you missed the previous announcements, we’ve got them all here on the blog. click on any …

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  • 17 July

    The Nerd Fu Podcast – EPISODE 52 – SDCC 2014 Pre-Con Prep


    The Nerd Fu podcast is also available for your favorite apps SoundCloud, iTunes & Stitcher!  Be sure to hit subscribe (pretty please). You’ve levels up to Episode 52 of the Nerd Fu podcast. If you consider yourself a nerd/geek, then welcome – you’re in the right place. This week, we break from the norm and bring …

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  • 16 July

    Thor: The Dark World Pop!’s – Round 2 – Loki Returns


    Thor: The Dark World hit theaters in November and we got a few Funko Pop!’s then to celebrate the movie, including a few variants from places like Hot Topic & Fugitive Toys.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be a few of our favorite characters missing. I guess the Funko Funatics made …

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