December, 2013

  • 7 December

    What’s Your Dream Pop! – Take our Pop! Poll


    One of our favorite discussions/debates surrounding Funko Pop!’s is which figures we would all like to see next.  Some of our dreams have already come true (Sons of Anarchy, Goonies), but there is still an entire universe of possibilities out there. VOTE IN ROUND 2 OF THE POP! POLL Take …

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  • 6 December

    Holiday Shirts for the Nerd In Us All


    A few months ago I wrote about the Shirt of the Day Phenomenon and we’ve been talking about it almost every day since then.  These nerd culture mashups have become their own art form and we keep finding more and more awesome shirt designs that we MUST HAVE. Well, now it …

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  • 5 December

    The NerdFu Podcast – 12-04-13 – Episode 21 – Paul Walker, The Blacklist, Fast 7, Ron Burgundy, Wizard World Austin and more


    Hello, and welcome to the 21st episode of the Nerd Fu Podcast and cheers!! We’re legal! If you’re looking for the latest in Nerd news, you’re in the right place. As always we talk about movies, tv shows, collectibles, gaming, comics, cons and whatever else crosses our mind.   Headphones …

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  • 4 December

    Funko Wacky Wisecracks – DC and Star Wars


    When it comes to Funko, we spend a lot of our time drooling over the Pop! line, so it’s easy to forget that they make all kinds of collectible figures.  Wacky Wobblers, Sitters, Plushies, book marks, Tin-Tastics and Paper Craft are all listed on their website and we know for …

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  • 4 December

    Wizard World Austin 2013 – Michael Rooker

    Wizard World Austin 2013 - Michael Rooker panel

    During Wizard World Austin, everyone’s favorite “old pal Merle” held his own panel……..and everybody was thrilled to see him. Michael Rooker walked out on stage to a thunderous wave of applause. His portrayal of the brother we loved to hate (and then loved again) Merle Dixon, on AMC’s worldwide mega …

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  • 2 December

    R.I.P Paul Walker (1973 – 2013)


    I woke up this morning wishing the news I heard about last night was wrong:  “Actor Paul Walker, 40, died in car cash.” With a heavy heart, the reality sank in. This was truth and not some sort of internet hoax. Yesterday, TMZ broke the story that Walker, along with …

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November, 2013

  • 27 November

    Pop! Game of Thrones: Series 3 Coming Soon!


    One of the most popular series of television Pop!’s, probably only second to The Walking Dead, is Game of Thrones – and the list of figures is about to get longer.  Via an official press release from our friends at Funko, may we present Game of Thrones: Series 3! HODOR! …

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  • 27 November

    Wizard World Austin 2013 – Cosplay

    Wizard World Austin 2013 - cosplay - Deadpool vs Lady Deadpool

    Part of what makes going to cons such a fun time is getting to see all the cosplayers that attend and show off their hard work. These are the fans that choose to turn in their everyday clothes and instead, don everything from horns and body paint to capes and …

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  • 25 November

    Wizard World Austin 2013 – Robert Rodriguez

    Wizard World Austin 2013 - Robert Rodriguez panel

    When we heard that fellow Texas native Robert Rodriguez was going to attend Wizard World Austin, we were elated. As huge fans of his work like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and The Faculty – we knew we had to sit in on this panel. We didn’t know what we …

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  • 21 November

    Sons of Anarchy Pop!’s – The MC Goes Vinyl

    Sons of Anarchy - Funko Pop!'s

    Do we even need to say it – THESE ARE AWESOME! That about sums it up. We’ve been waiting! We’ve been hoping! We’ve been praying!! And now, our wishes have come true.  The first wave of Sons of Anarchy Pop! figures from Funko has been teased and we finally have …

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  • 21 November

    SABOTAGE – First Look


    In the eighties, there were two huge action stars, Stallone & Schwarzenegger.  Nobody put on a bigger show, had more muscles or shot more rounds and, for action fans,nobody put on a better show.  Fast forward 30 years and it seems the guys are delivering again.  Sure, they’ve gotten a …

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  • 21 November

    Rambo and Platoon Get the Mondo Treatment

    rambo platoon mondo

    We’ve said before and we’ll say it again: Mondo never disappoints! Today, the Mondo crew will release 3 new prints for all you collectors out there. One of the three features one of Sly Stallone’s most iconic characters, Rambo, in a very calculating pose with his bow drawn back and …

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  • 20 November

    Pop! Television: ThunderCats, HO!


    Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, HO! Really, is there anything we can say about the awesomeness of ThunderCats that isn’t perfectly summed up by that opening? No! – So let’s get on with the details from Funko. Pop! Television: ThunderCats From far beyond any known galaxy… Bringing the laws and ideals …

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  • 18 November

    The Usual Suspects – Limited Edition Print by Artist Matt Ferguson

    Usual Suspects- Odd City Ent - Cover

    One of our favorite companies to work with, Odd City Entertainment, has just issued a press-release for another magnificent collectible poster. Instead of re-hashing their info, let’s jump straight to the details: Odd City is extremely proud to produce a print of the iconic 1995 BRYAN SINGER film, THE USUAL …

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  • 15 November

    DUDE! The Big Lebowski is going Vinyl


    Imagine the soothing voice of Sam Elliott…. “Way out west there was this fella… fella I wanna tell ya about. Fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. Mr. Lebowski, he …

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