We Need Avengers: Full House On Our DVR

Sometimes we forget that tucked away in the depths of YouTube are clips that the world should see because they’re just that good. That’s how we feel about YouTuber Zach Ace and his sprightly edited Avengers: Full House video! We ran across the clip via the ComingSoon.net Facebook page yesterday and couldn’t help but smile and laugh. Using clips compiled from Avengers, The Winter Soldier, and even Civil War – Zach managed to make every single clip somehow magically fit up against the theme music of the lovable 90’s sitcom Full House! Youngsters now may be familiar with Netflix show but “seasoned” TV nerds (like myself) will probably get even more chuckles out of this.

The show has one of the most recognizable theme songs ever and it’s apparent what we’re in for beginning at just three seconds of Zach’s video when you hear the “Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh”. As I mentioned, the clips match up perfectly and give the feeling of friends and family and do so without any big explosions or fight scenes. The icing on the cake? The Full House font he uses for the credits.

In another world, this could be a new dramedy waiting to be picked up by a network for Fall TV.

We Need Avengers: Full House On Our DVR

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