Big Bang Theory Mystery Minis – You Need a Little Nerd in Your Life

We’ve already had our Disney fix, then we saw some rumblings of a Nightmare Before Christmas series and an official announcement about The Walking Dead figures.  Now, word has been handed down from the Funko office that we will soon have access to these nuggets of awesomeness – The Big Bang Theory Mystery Minis.


Whats In The Box

As with the other series we mentioned above, The Big Bang Theory Mystery Minis will be a blind box offering (meaning you won’t know what’s inside each box until you buy it and open it) and each character will stand at 2.5″ tall.  This series includes:

7 Little Sheldon Variants (each with a different shirt – The Flash, Batman, The Green Lantern, Star Trek Uniform, Superman Blue, Superman White & Hawkman)
2 of each of his BBF’s (Raj, Leonard, Howard)
1 of each of their Ladies (Amy Farrah Fowler, Penny, Bernadette)

Sorry, but no information was released on the ratios for these Mystery Minis, so we’ll just have to wait til they come out to see which will be the hardest to pull.  My guess is the Star Trek figures, but that is merely a guess.



And now for the big news.  The release date on these is August 8th!

We’ll post pre-order information as we find it.  In the mean time, if you see that your favorite online retailer already has these up for presale, please share with the rest of us nerds in the comments below.


Entertainment Earth – $139.99 for a case of 24 ($5.83 each) + FREE SHIPPING
* Thanks to Jamie who posted this find in the comments!

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