Breaking News: Fugitive Toys Pop! Vinyl Exclusives

Pair the words “exclusive” and “Pop!” together and you have my attention.  Multiply that by seven and add in “SDCC” – TAKE MY MONEY!!

Doing my SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) research this morning, I stumbled onto a listing for some comic-con exclusives from Fugitive Toys.  Then, with a little more research I found a new pre-order listing on their website for this AMAZING 7-pack of Funko Pop! exclusives, which includes previous sold-out figures AND their new SDCC 2013 exclusives.

The entire set is available for pre-order at $119.99 ($17 per exclusive) but with a little creative searching (coupon code) and FREE shipping (available during checkout) I was able to pick up the entire set for even less than that price. You can get it here –


What’s In This Exclusive Set

This amazing package includes the following exclusive Pop!s:

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure Blood Splattered Governor
Marvel Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead Black & White Dr. Doom
Marvel Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead Black & White Spider-man
Marvel Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead Black & White Wolverine
The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figure Blood Splattered Tank Zombie
Marvel Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead Inverse Deadpool
DC Universe Pop! Vinyl Figure Black Flash

NOTE: There is no reference on their website of how many of each of these units was produced.

UPDATE: Just found this response about quantities on the SDCC Exclusives from FugitiveToys via their Facebook Page.


Too Rich For Your Blood?

If $120 is too much of a drain on the bank account, there is another pre-order option that only includes the SDCC 2013 Exclusives and will run you $62.99. You can get it here –


No matter what you decide to do, just decide quickly. Chances are these will sell out VERY QUICKLY.  You don’t want to second-guess yourself out of these amazing figures.

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