Call of Duty Funko Pop!’s

Everyone who collects Funko has a series of Pop!’s they would like to see made, and somewhere in the top of many wish lists are figures from popular game series.  While some of us wait around for those Gears of War Pop!’s, others will finally see some of their favorites from another FPS game series immortalized in vinyl.  That’s right – we’re getting the first wave of Call of Duty Pop!’s!

Some of these have already been seen in the wild, sporting a “GameStop Exclusive” sticker, though we aren’t sure if that is a true exclusive or a pre-release exclusive (meaning GameStop will have them our before everyone else, but they will eventually be available elsewhere.)  Either way, we’ve got some links below, so you can order (for deliver or in-store pickup) some of these awesome new figures.


Available Now!



Click on any of the images above or the links below to order from GameStop.  

Even if you are headed to the store to pick them up, you can order here and save yourself the frustration of arriving to find that the last ones were sold just ahead of your arrival.

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