Carry More Than Money with the ThinFolio

When it comes to wallets, having bought a few ourselves, Sully and I know there is no shortage to choose from. California gurus Mark and Anna Abramson are trying replace the mundane accessory with something way more unique and artistic: The Thinfolio wallet. They have taken their creation to Kickstarter in hopes of boosting their wallet production on a much larger scale. That’s where their ThinFolio Kickstarter campaign comes into play.

What is the ThinFolio?

In a nutshell, it’s the answer to anyone who wants to get rid of that “hamburger” wallet they carry and replace it with something a lot more cooler. Made right here in the good ‘ol USA, Mark and Anna’s ThinFolio is made out of Tyvek, a synthetic polyethylene “paper”, and uses a mixture of custom handwork and computer-aided fabrication to complete the process. While they take care of the construction, YOU are the designer! The ThinFolio takes photos that you upload (using their website’s layout tool) and allows you create your own custom masterpiece. Oh yeah, one more thing……you know your Instagram photos that you wish you could show off? Well now you can. The Bay Area based team have included the ability to upload your Instagram pics as well as regular photos to bring consumers more customization. On the functional side, the wallet is of the bi-fold nature with room for 6+ cards, a bill area with divider, and 2 extra “hidden” pockets. And really, let’s be honest here folks – that’s really all you need. No one needs those torn beat up business cards, old faded receipts, or the twelve different “valued customer” cards from those stores you hardly ever go to. Think of it as Spring cleaning for your back pocket.

I Want One!

As with all Kickstarter projects, the outcome of this endeavor lies in the hands of the public. While I’m writing this, I’m checking the site and Mark has 247 backers, $10,924 of the $20,000 goal, with 17 days left to go. There are several “reward pledge” categories to choose from should you wish to back the project including a custom “Tardis” wallet pledge option for you Dr. Who fans. Here’s the $35 Instagram wallet option:

YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS WALLET. We will custom print, cut and sew your wallet based on your Instagram photos that you lay out using our website design tool.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2014

Add $5 USD to ship outside the US

Sound good? Check out one of the links below for more details and be sure to share with anyone you know that needs to get rid of that Big Mac they call a wallet.

The ThinFolio official website

The ThinFolio Kickstarter campaign


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  1. This is BRILLIANT! I hate big bulky wallets and this gives me the opportunity to carry more pictures of my cat, it’s a win-win! // P.S. They met their Kickstarter goal so I’ll be preordering myself one for Christmas!

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