Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway – 2017

Comic Con season is here and the biggest of them all (San Diego Comic-Con) is right around the corner. To celebrate, Nerd Fu is back with our fourth annual Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway, featuring the products you need to survive the season.

For the last three years, we’ve given away some pretty amazing prize packs & we’ve seen some VERY happy winners. We couldn’t skip out on 2017, so we’ve reached out to some friends and acquired everything needed to make another epic Survival Pack. Whether you are headed to San Diego Comic-Con, a local convention or just looking for some new gear, this giveaway is just what you need.

Enter now, refer your friends and tweet daily to increase your chances of winning!
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What exactly will that one lucky winner receive? Here’s a list of the comic con survival gear included in the prize pack:


From Seagate *added 6-23-17

From Mimoco *added 6-23-17

From Nerd Fu

  • (1) TYLT Energi Backpack (retail value $99.99)
    – Equipped with a 10,400 mAh battery, which can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, including a tablet.

+ The winner will also receive a variety of “necessities” to get them through the convention, all in handy travel sizes

  • Cleansing Cloths
  • Gold Bond Body Powder
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Gold Bond Skin Therapy Cream
  • Banana Boat Sunscreen (SPF 30)
  • Scope Mouthwash
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Degree antiperspirant & deodorant
  • Tylenol



We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there WILL be some extra entries just for subscribers
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!

The Comic Con Survival Pack Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, age 16 or over.

About Sully

Co-founder of Nerd Fu. TV and TiVo fanatic, movie buff, collector of Pop!'s, part-time gamer.

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  1. I can’t think of anything. Someone who burns going out in the summer sunscreen is a great thing to have. Plus you can never have enough hand santizer. Looks like a great pack for zoo trips.

  2. scott 'like the beef' angus

    I would add a Nintendo switch because it is essential to pass the time when in a line for Hall H.

  3. A Funko Booth pass would make this even better! 🙂

  4. I would add 4-day passes to Comic-Con… 😉

  5. This would be a lifesaver

  6. Prob a water bottle of some sort.

  7. I would add some food that easy to carry. Like yummy energy bars and such.

  8. Reginald Johnson

    This is a must have to survive comic-con!

  9. I’m hoping that the force is with me on this contest.

  10. Some snacks like beef jerky or a reusable water bottle would be great additions to this survival pack. In all honesty I think comic con needs to give out deodorant with the souvenir bags, I’m just saying, so it’s great that you added that to this list.

  11. Linda Szymoniak

    I’d add a good reusable water bottle (need to hydrate) and it would be great to have a Visa gift card (for buying food at the convention). Too many attendees of events like this just don’t drink enough fluids and end up dehydrating. They also don’t eat enough food. Even just adding a box of two of something like granola bars would be good.

  12. Reginald Johnson

    This is a must have !

  13. Candy, maybe, because y’all have honestly covered a whole lot with what’s in the pack already.

  14. Miguel Ramirez Gaona

    A waterbottle or a tripod chair

  15. gOOD LUCK ALL!

  16. I would add a collapsible water bottle.

  17. Hydroflask! Those water bottles are amazing!

  18. Some on the go food.

  19. I might just have to order that backpack even if I don’t win, but winning would be better!

  20. some jerky / snacks

  21. I’d add a collapsible water bottle and a couple of carabiners. Carabiners are great for keeping your hands free and clipping things to your bag (take one of the free totes we inevitable receive, throw all the swag in it, clip to backpack).

  22. cody smith-candelaria

    I would add a tripod chair and some snacks cause truly you guys covered everything.

  23. I think toothpaste & a toothbrush plus snacks, like granola bars would be great additions.

  24. righteous_slave

    Pics or it didn’t happen. A quality camera would be aN excellent excellent addition to an already well loaded package.

  25. Joann Tompkins-Winborn

    I would add tickets to #ComicCon!

  26. I would add either snacks or a collapsible tripod chair

  27. Some passes to Comic-Con! 🙂

  28. Add a pass to the Comic Con! It s nice tho

  29. Corgi Kohmander

    Mints or Gum so your fresh just in case you run into a celebrity.

  30. Tickets to ComicCon is a great suggestion! Also, a sturdy backpack to carry all the stuff in the prize pack, as well as all the stuff you’ll buy at ComicCon.

  31. Oh snap! Awesome guys! Thanks for the chance.

  32. A solar cell for just in case you run the batter dead on the back pack…. SDCC is jam packed with full days, maximum battery usage, and tons of San Diego sun. With that little extra bump from the solar cell would help.

  33. Michelle McKeever

    A water bottle!

  34. Bootleg media pass, so you can get to all of those “hard to reach areas?”

  35. It would he awesome to win! Thanks for the chance!

  36. Christopher Ball


  37. I would definitely add a reusable water bottle in the pack. Can’t be dehydrated during the con!

  38. mia dentice carey

    My son said to say ANYTHING STAR WARS

  39. This year there wasn’t a lanyard with the badges. How about a cool Nerd Fu lanyard??

  40. A can of Axe body spray so you can surreptitiously spray anyone you have to be around that hasn’t bathed.

  41. Comic Con Passes, hehe.

  42. This prize would be even better with an officially licensed NerdFu patch.

  43. I’d add some snacks and an awesome reusable water bottle.

  44. This would be amazing! Maybe a 3DS or a Switch would be great to have with the set to have to keep busy in line, since there are SO many lines.

  45. I would add a multiport USB charger to share charging ports with fellow attendees.

    • There is acutally a multiport USB charger built into the TYLT backpack. Steve and I both have these backapacks and use them daily. They are a life-saver!!

  46. For all the people suggesting a 4 day pass, you can always donate yours lol. Thanks for the awesome prize pack gents

  47. Add a small fan.

  48. Every con backpack needs a special pocket on the side that holds a large water bottle w easy access.

  49. I’d add a hydration helmet.

  50. Such an awesome giveaway! I can so use this on the Hall H line!

  51. Funko pops

  52. a hand held misting fan

  53. This will the best lifesaver during con!

  54. I would maybe add a Nerd Fu hat of some sort. Gotta keep your head from getting sunburned, haha.

    • A Nerd Fu hat has been discussed (and somewhat tried out actually) but alas no plans to add one to the SDCC Survival Pack this year. BUT…if I’m reading these office notes right (and I like to think that I am)….then maybe that’s something that could pop up in a Nerd Fu store later on!

  55. Can’t go wrong with a sweet NerdFu Lanyard. Toss one of those in there!

  56. I would add some Perky Jerky, because it’s a great tasting protein snack, that will help give you the energy needed for the day ahead!

  57. Perfect pack just needs some snacks. Going to the con is exhausting

  58. Ice pack underwear, because it looks like it’s going to be a fairly hot con this year.

  59. Good luck everyone 🙂

  60. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. I’d add maybe some good ol’ zombie deo spray

  62. Stephanie Phelps

    A Nintendo Switch would make it even better for me while I wait in line!

  63. How about some breath mints or chewing gum maybe a sdcc water bottle

  64. Kindle to pass the time while waiting in line

  65. A Hydroflask would be cool to add..

  66. I would add 4-day passes to any Comic-Con

  67. Facemasks to protect yourself from Con flu

  68. passes to comic con of course.

  69. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    I would add a reusable water bottle, it gets hot during that time and you need to hydrate

  70. This is Cool.

  71. Great pack! Thank you for the giveaway 😀

  72. A much larger bottle of hand sanitizer.

  73. I really need that bag!

  74. Cool giveaway!

  75. I would add some snacks or mints! 😀

  76. Great

  77. I would add a nice water bottle.

  78. a gift card to get one thing i want LOL

  79. Mini handheld fans.

  80. Some snacks and a water bottle

  81. Beef Jerky for energy. 🙂

  82. i hope i finally get to meet you guys been trying for the past 3 years

  83. a bottle of water or some liquids to keep hydrated!

  84. Tablet, iphone or a computer would also be a great addition lol. Hey, I can dream 😛

  85. Chad Vongmongkol

    Perhaps you could add tickets to the con? 😉

  86. good luck everybody

  87. protein bars and a reusable water bottle

  88. Snacks and a refillable water bottle!

  89. Mitchell Travis

    Good luck all and thanks Nerd Fu.

  90. Reid Harris Cooper

    A tumblr that can keep water cold for over 6 hours is a definite need for any survival pack.

  91. A digital camera

  92. I would add the Hot Topic exclusive Clark Kent Dorbz by Funko. Just saying.

  93. A kick ass Rick & Morty Sweatshirt would make this pack awesome, to keep toasty on those chilly nights.

  94. A fancy water bottle

  95. Timothy Goalwin

    A portable battery for charging your phone.

  96. Some kind of energy bar, snack-able food, etc. and something for hydration.

  97. Good luck everyone!

  98. Some Austin Eastciders of course! Please!

  99. Something to carry water in would be great! Or a portable gaming system, to pass the time while camping for Hall H!

  100. I’m going to hope this is real and that this whole thing isnt a shame to sell info.

  101. Like the votes for water bottles and mints, definitely necessities. I’ll say a sharpie for autographs would be another thing you’ll hopefully need. Awesome giveaway guys!

  102. Woo!! Cool giveaway!! I would totally like some snacks like maybe trail mix or thebakedgirls goodies. Ohhh and a Funko pop to carry around as your companion during CC!!

  103. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway. I would add a reusable water bottle. Always want to stay hydrated while running around cons, especially in the summer.

  104. I am in agreement with some sort of portable water bottle being needed. Perhaps a flat bottle like Memo Bottle or a collapsible one?

  105. Top three things I always take are Gel inserts for my shoes, Since I walk around the entire day. A Hat for obvious reasons. And Misting Fan for when it’s gets crazy hot.

  106. How about Febreeze? Can’t exactly wash clothes or cosplays at a con, and sometimes they just smell from being packed up! Snacks, and a metal water bottle would be awesome, too.

  107. some jell type insoles so you can be jelling the whole con

  108. I would add some Pop Vinyls

  109. I would add me , lol

  110. Those sunglasses though 🙂

  111. A camelback would be nice in this backpack

  112. Some gaming shoes xD

  113. I would add a reusable water bottle!

  114. I would add a portable toilet, so when you can’t make it to the restroom because you are in a long line up for something or someone. LOL

  115. Austin Brinkmeier

    I would add a hat and a water bottle

  116. Matthew Pierson

    Should add a Nintendo Switch to it 😉

  117. Ismael Valencia

    Water bottle

  118. I would add a bottled water & snacks.

  119. I think with the gunner addition is more then enough! its perfect!

  120. I’d love to see some sort of contract with Funko so that you could give away a Funko pass in future backpacks.

  121. I would probably add a small, portable game such as Firefly Fluxx. Games are a great way to make friends while waiting in line!

  122. I would add one of those small folding seats, for waiting in lines.

  123. And Band Aids for when the shoes turn evil.

  124. water bottle would be a definite plus

  125. Add $ Visa or sponsor Gift Card.

  126. Snacks of some kind would be good…

  127. Wow, good luck to everyone entering the contest. Much have essentials for going to a convention

  128. If I had to ad anything… maybe a bottle of water to quench my thirst. Thank you for the chance.

  129. I would add a water bottle 🙂

  130. Maybe some gum might help.

  131. Gotta have my snacks.

  132. Heather Bridson

    I would add baby wipes, for quick clean ups, and a box of cheez-its for a quick snack as well.

  133. Snacks or caffeinated gum!

  134. I’d add deodorant. ‘Cause if you’re at a con, someone’s inevitably not gonna be using any.

  135. I’d add some type of reusable water bottle, whether it be metal or a bpa-free plastic. It’s so easy to get dehydrated at conventions due to the sheer number of people, all the paper in the convention hall, and the high-sodium foods that are usually available at concessions. A sturdy water bottle can be refilled when needed and can be used well after the convention is over, too!

  136. I’d maybe add some healthy protein snacks.

  137. Dean and Baby Supernatural Funko

  138. A second and third power bank. You can never have too many backup power banks!

  139. SDCC2017 exclusives!! (Mainly funko but others too!)

  140. I’d put in something like M&Ms.

  141. I would add a canister to store snacks in so I would not get too hungry while waiting in lines.

  142. I would add a checklist of “Must Do’ things 🙂

  143. A funko POP! would be a nice treat

  144. Maegen L Moogalian

    I’d add dental floss picks!

  145. I can definitely use this went I head to my local con. If you want, add some Vegas Fuel drink in the survival pack (regular or sugar free).

  146. Snacks!!!

  147. Going to be an awesome con. This is a great prize to make SDCC even better.

  148. (✿◠‿◠) I would add a personal misting fan. Or some sunglasses.

  149. is there supposed to be a giveaway widget to enter? i refreshed numerous times but cant figure out how to enter lol

  150. A water bottle would be awesome. Especially one that’s insulated. San Diego is HOT.

  151. I would love this, always need more battery power, and backup discs are a nice addition, but I have to agree a water bottle has to be an add-on.

  152. I would add a spiffy hat to keep that sun off your head!

  153. Kimberly Cottle

    I would add some sort of trail mix/snack for energy!

  154. Maybe a personal fan. One of those little ones you attach to your phone.

  155. Chair, water bottle, Comic-Con tickets, hotel stay, snacks, and a Nintendo switch

  156. thank you for an opportunity at a great prize for this year’s season of summer filled with the excitement of San Diego Comic Con.

  157. add a towel to the pack and some music

  158. I would add a water bottle with the NerdFu logo. Maybe a pop protector or an autograph protector. A NerdFu Visor would be fun too. 🙂

  159. That bag is so awesome.

  160. One of those water bottles with the filtering straws.

  161. Going to a convention usually means getting an autograph or two. With that in mind, you should add an Itoya Art Portfolio binder (9 x 12 OR 8.5 x 11) to fit in a number of flat items while not worrying about damaging the pictures you just got signed.

  162. A fanny pack! For quick access to monies!

  163. These are all great! I would definitely add snacks, a small game of some sort to play while waiting in line, and a fan.

  164. A t shirt or some clothing item you could wear.

  165. I would throw in some snacks, waiting in those lines makes you hungry, and you definitely dont want to get hangry whilst waiting for your favorite actor.

  166. Good luck!

  167. Maybe add condoms!

  168. The thing I e been glad to have and have given to a lot of others is bandaids, normally tied to walking blisters

  169. I would add some healthy snacks. Thanks!

  170. I would add a hat of some kind so you would look cool with the shades plus stay cooler.

  171. I would add a liter of water or a phone activated fan! Those lines at Comic-Con get hot!!

  172. That’s a good care package!

  173. Michael Grammer

    A Starbucks gift card!

  174. Lorenzo de Jongh

    I would at walking shoes

  175. Mathilde de Graaf

    Hmm… that is a hard one. I guess I would like to add some energy bars or something else to eat that gives you that new extra energy to keep on going 😀

  176. A small foldable chair for those grueling long comic con lines!

  177. I’d include some tissues just in case, for clean-up, allergies, and general use!

  178. Comic-con ready to go!

  179. Excited for Comic-con!

  180. I’d add a whole other bag for all the stuff I’d buy at the con!
    Good luck all!

  181. I would add snacks and juice bottles to the prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. Con tickets of course! lol

  183. Loving the tissues! But a reusable water bottle would probably be a good addition to the pack.

  184. Something refreshing for the long waits in line… say… insulated bottle full of cocktails

  185. My newslettter doesn’t show anything so i just put sully it seems like a secret word

  186. I’d add a waterbottle

  187. Michelle Mixson

    One additional item to add to the Comic Con Survival 2017 Prize Pack would be a comfortable pair of shoes for those hours spent running, walking and standing.

  188. A pack of Peptobismol chew tablets. That way no matter what you eat or drink, you’re still go to go standing in lines for hours on end.

  189. I would add an insulated water bottle

    • We’ve added water bottles before in the past and may do so again next year. Do you have a few ideas on a good bottle? There are so many out there!

  190. Tammi Ishibashi

    I would add a cooling towel. They are lifesavers, just wet, wring out, snap a few times, and it keeps you cool for hours.

  191. I want to win!

  192. Marlete Ledford

    The only thing I would add would be a water bottle or something along those lines. People tend to forget to hydrate when faced with all the awesome.

  193. I comic con pass

  194. Condoms & KY Jelly ☇


  196. I need this! Got a lot of cons coming up and this would be super handy.

  197. I would add some snacks, you dont want to be hangry when you meet your favorite actor

  198. I would add some type of blu-ray box set or a tablet!

  199. I’d add some comfy socks.

  200. Cool contest

  201. I would add a Galaxy S8 to the survival pack so I could take awesome photos and post them online.

  202. The only thing I can think to add is maybe a decorative water bottle?

  203. I would add a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad for all those Hall H line needs in the California heat.

  204. Christian Datuin

    I think a nice reusable water bottle would be helpful. Gotta stay hydrated!

  205. Snacks or drinks is a must for me!

  206. I would add a comfortable pair of sneakers.

  207. I would add a prepaid card.

  208. I can definitely use this pack for another trip to Salt Lake Comic Con this year. Especially a new backpack. Oh, and for my work in collecting field data.

  209. By the way, I would include a WiFi hotspot. That way, you can reach online without using your data plan, or in case of your phone has connection problems.

  210. Jerry Marquardt

    I would ad a VR glasses to the pack.

  211. Compact camp stool for just a Rest

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