Cosplay – Emerald City Comicon 2016

Comic conventions around the country are as different and varied as the cities they are hosted in. That can easily be said for the cosplay at those conventions as well. The fact is – you never know what you’re gonna see and it’s sometimes the most unlikely of costumes that really makes you go “Whoa!” (you know you pictured Keanu Reeves saying that)

We visited Emerald City Comicon in Seattle over the weekend and were once again blown away by the selection and creativity of the cosplay. From BMO to Wicket, the costumes were on point, and we were there to capture the action.

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  1. That Suicide Squad Harley is me! Thanks for the feature on your lovely website!

  2. Thank you so much for the great photo of my Supergirl costume! 😀
    My Facebook is and my Instagram is

    • Glad you liked it Katcakes! You looked so good!! We edited the photo to include a link to your Facebook page and we’ll be sure to give you a follow.

  3. these are great. there were a lot of very detailed cosplay going on – some of the best i have seen in a long time.

  4. That Calvin and Hobbes cosplay was PERFECT!!!

  5. buzz lightyear looks awesome 😀

  6. Man! Folks are really stepping up their cosplay game at ECCC. Can’t wait to make it out there one day …

  7. Kang looks amazing. Great pics.

  8. Calvin and Hobbes is great!

  9. I gotta say the Calvin & Hobbs is great! I’m all for the detail and complicated cosplay designs, but it is nice to see characters with a simple design!

  10. michelle cummings

    Liked the cosplay you got. Can’t believe I missed some of these

  11. Either Krang or Buzz!

  12. ELEKTRA always gets my heart beating!!

  13. Wicket (Ewok)

  14. This looks awesome! My favorite picture is the one showing Dr. Strange, and what looks to be Storm (X-Men). Nice pictures guys!

  15. I love the shark with the candy gram. Old school.

  16. Dude, everyone is so talented I wish my cosplay outfits were as good.

  17. Melvin Echols, Jr.

    So much great looking cosplay y’all are sharing from #ECCC! Calvin and Hobbes, Scarlet Witch, and Skwad Harley Quinn are best!

  18. Love every single photo. Love how they love the character & they dress up just like them. Wish I could do that, That is so cool.

  19. Tank Girl and Landshark

  20. Supergirl and Harley were pretty hot !!

  21. The Harley Quinn cosplay is awesome!

  22. Those are all great! I loved Krang and Buzz Lightyear, but my favorite is Calvin and Hobbes, such a neat idea for a cosplay!

  23. I want the Fallout 4 Vault Boy pop!

  24. Great cosplays all around, my favorite is scarlet witch !

  25. Oh my goodness they are all so incredible! I’d have to say ACME for originality and over all favorite would be Suicide Squad Harley! Great photography!

    • And we’re sure we missed a bunch of other great costumes. Thanks for the comment on the photography. We really try to get the best pics of all the hard work that goes into these. It really is one of my absolute favorite parts of every con!

  26. The creativity that goes into making these makes me so envious i am turning GREEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  27. Anyone else kind of creeped out by the ewok? lol

  28. Calvin and Hobbes

  29. Fantastic creative people! A lot of hard work went into this costumes! Kudos!!

  30. Man, that captain America and krang are awesome!!! I applaud these talented people and greatly appreciate their art.

  31. Calvin and Hobbes, oh my Gods YES! Perf.

    Also like that Cammy and Tank Girl.

  32. Dam those were some awesome costumes. As much as i love the boobies, that Dragonzord cosplay was on point

  33. The Invader Zim costumes just brought me back to my childhood!

  34. I wish I could make an outfit as impressive as these.

  35. The Dragonzord is very well done. Black Panther is also really cool and you haven’t seen much of him til now, but I gotta go with the Calvin and Hobbs! They nailed it! 🙂

  36. They all look great! My favorites were BMO, suicide squad Harley Quinn, and Buzz Lightyear

  37. My favorites have to be Krang, Calvin & Hobbes, The Division agent, and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

  38. Love that Calvin & Hobbes. Sweet representation of Suicide Squad Harley Quinn too 😉

  39. Scarlet Witch ftw!

  40. Snake Eyes and The division were dope tho…

  41. Supergirl is awesome love her.

  42. I would generally go with deadpool, but that scarecrow is pretty good

  43. Wow, so much fun, so many great ones. I’d have to say the Hagrid is my favorite, he looks so much like him. The Harley Quinn with the dyed hair and Deadpool are really well done too! Thanks for sharing all the great pics.

  44. Calvin and Hobbes are rock in’ it.

  45. ACME….is that Wiley under there?

  46. The anvil was pretty awesome lol

  47. Calvin and Hobbes were pretty awesome.

  48. Adora McLaughlin

    Love the Mad Max cosplay!!

  49. The Jaws one is my favorite. It brings back memories of the old SNL…when it was funny.

  50. Wish I could go to a future eccc. Krang and Calvin and Hobbes are NY favorites. Nice job everyone.

  51. Everyone’s costume were really great. But I loved the Calvin & Hobbes one the best.

  52. Calvin & Hobbes is awesome!!

  53. Tank Girl is the best!

  54. Tank Girl is great!

  55. Buzz Lightyear!

  56. my favorite cosplay was deadpool and deathstroke

  57. Love cosplay – I expect to see a lot more Deadpool at SDCC and NYCC – also Harley Quinn will be big

  58. Calvin and Hobbes was definitely my favorite! So cute!

  59. Wow! These are all great but the Buzz Lightyear one is fantastic!!!

  60. like the GIR family

  61. I liked the Acme Cosplay the most

  62. They’re all so good I like the power rangers and the kraang, but I have to give it to the acme anvil it’s so creative

  63. That Megazord cosplay was pretty sweet!

  64. Christopher Parker

    These look great

  65. This is awesome! One of these days, I have to checkout one of these cons!

  66. Everyone looks fantastic!

  67. That ewok looks like he ate a few captives before being told it was a no-no

  68. I went to a Flash/Arrow meetup at ECCC and the cosplaying was just amazing! It was awesome taking pictures with all of the new people I met!

  69. Michelle A McKeever

    Those costumes were amazing! I really need to go and experience this one day.

  70. All great work and enthusiasm taken to create these great cosplay costumes

  71. Love your blog!

  72. I like the Batman bank robbers!

  73. Supergirl FTW

  74. I wasn’t there but the Calvin and Hobbes was pretty clever!

  75. Scarlet Witch!

  76. Gir!!

  77. My favorite costume was that sweet Dragonzord!

  78. I’m absolutely impressed with the guy that dressed up as The Division character. I like PayDay character but it’s very simple.

  79. Harley Quinn is basically wife goals.

  80. Calvin and Hobbs are so cute

  81. So much awesome

  82. I loved the spider man costumes!

  83. The Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Cosplayer looks just like HQ!!!! She looks amazing!!! In addition, I love the little girl dressed as Harley Quinn with Deadpool! Looks like ECCC was AMAZING and everyone looked fantastic 🙂

  84. Harley Quinn looks hot!!

  85. so much fun

  86. Love the cosplay pics!

  87. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Buzz Lightyear definitely.

  88. You gotta love Harley Quinn!

  89. The Ewok! lol

  90. I really like Snake Eyes.

  91. Calvin & Hobbs is so cute! Hagrid is cool too!

  92. My favorite was Adventure Time.

  93. Gotta go with the Quinn. Although there’s a lack of Rick and Morty cosplays and that’s a bit of a tra–*burrrp*-vesty.

  94. Love the Calvin and Hobbes

  95. I dig all those costumes!! ‘Specially Immortan Joe & his war boy. 😀

  96. They were all good, but c’mon, that Dragonzord cosplay is just sick!

  97. My favorite cosplay was definitely a tie between the gameboy and Calvin & Hobbes! 😀

  98. The Wile E. Coyote under the anvil is brilliant.

  99. I go for the Scarlet Witch in a big way.

  100. BMO wins first place. Spiderman, Darth Vader, and captain America were cool too

  101. Harley Quinn rocks!

  102. Batman

  103. They all look really good! But my favourites are Calvin and Hobbes and Wile E. Coyote, for the originality.

  104. amazing pics guys! wish i was there

  105. Oh I love Buzz Lightyear! All of them are awesome!

  106. Harley Quinn look incredible, all cosplayers are awesome, Great Work guys!!!

  107. I’m really digging the Spider Gwen and silk, but I’m a sucker for Calvin and Hobbes.

  108. So many great costumes! I really am impressed with the amount of time and effort folks put into making these outfits.

  109. Buzz Lightyear!

  110. ALL OFF THE customers are great can’t just pick one

  111. buzz lighyear was awesome!!

  112. My favorite is the Calvin and Hobbes, such great memories reading those books as a kid! 😀

  113. These are awesome, I love it, so freaking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Cool buzz lightyear

  115. Buzz is cool

  116. My favorites were Calvin and Hobbes 🙂

  117. Suicide Squad Harley

  118. Wow all of these are awesome. I love Spidey, Harley, and B-MO!!!!

  119. These cosplays are awesome. The Dragonzord cosplay is my favorite.

  120. Krang from TMNT is the best lol

  121. Candy Gram Shark!!! YEAHHH!!!!!!!

  122. Really loving “Buzz” Lightyear! Toy Story will never die. Love the pictures!!! TY.

  123. Dillon Masbruch

    I’m Legion (robot with flashlight for a face) from Mass Effect on the far right with Beer Money Props as Peepot and Steven K Smith Props as Bandit Steve from the Borderlands universe, and the Mandalorian off to the left (forgot his name)

  124. I like all the cosplays. I’m a fan of this stylish.

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