Daredevil Pop!’s Coming Soon

Daredevil makes his way to Netflix this April for a 13 episode season, but the Matt Murdock craze has already begun.   Trailers, official posters and photos from the upcoming show have been pouring onto the internet over the past few weeks and it seems our friends at Funko thought that would be the perfect time to strike with this awesome news… Daredevil Pop!’s are coming soon!

That’s right Marvel fans, we’re finally getting Daredevil Pop!’s (plural).  This week it was revealed that two new Pop! vinyls, including Daredevil in his original yellow and iconic red costumes, will make their way to Forbidden Planet International first as exclusives.

Release date is estimated to be sometime in June or July.  Currently the forbiddenplanet website lists them as “Due in our warehouse Tuesday 30 June, 2015.”

Chances are these Pop!’s will also be available in the U.S. at some point in the near future, but no official info has been released by Funko yet.  Check back with us or follow along on our social channels for updates.


If you’re willing to order from overseas & pay a little extra for shipping**, or if you happen to live on that side of the pond, pre-orders are available online now at the following links:

** We have no information non shipping costs on the forbidden planet.co.uk website.  Please direct any questions regarding shipping to them.

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