Daredevil’s Costume for Season 2 Teased On Twitter

While we still have some time before we get to see season 2 of Daredevil, we’re perfectly fine with hints and teases for the Marvel / Netflix show. A recent glimpse we got was from the show’s official Twitter handle where it teased fans with Daredevil’s costume. It was enough to make us want to watch season one all over again! Especially that hallway fight scene…..am I right?!

Here’s the @Daredevil tweet:



We’ll probably see more of Daredevil’s costume as we get closer to April next year but this was a pretty cool sneak peek. More often than not, glimpses like these are always meant to really keep the fans wanting more and they usually do a great job of just that. If not, there’s some Punisher news out there as well. Or what about these teaser posters? Yeah….we like ’em too!

Daredevil's Costume - Season 2 - Teaser Posters

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