Deadpool Prize Pack Giveaway

One of the most anticipated movies of 2016 is almost here and we could NOT be more excited.  The one-and-only Deadpool will finally get the movie he deserves and we thought that was reason enough to celebrate, so we partnered up with some awesome folks (we’re looking at you SG Posters & to bring you ANOTHER amazing Prize Pack.

Enter our Prize Pack Giveaway by following the instructions below. It’s super simple to enter and it won’t cost you a thing!

Enter now. Enter often. Be sure to return regularly. (That’s what she said)

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The Prize Pack includes all of the prizes listed below.  One lucky winner, selected at random from all the entries, will receive this entire Prize Pack AND, if they complete the BONUS prize entry, will also receive the secret bonus prizes (you’ve gotta follow the instructions to see what they are)
This Prize Pack Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, age 16 or over.

From SG Posters

  • (1) An original, one-of-a-kind fan poster (24″ x 36″) – You are NOT going to see this anywhere else


From Nerd Fu

  • (1) Deadpool Funko Pop! #111 – “With Swords”
  • (1) Deadpool Funko Pop! #112 – “Thumb Up”
  • (1) Deadpool Funko Pop! #113 – Hot Topic Exclusive “Pirate”
  • (1) Deadpool Mopeez – Red/Black
  • (1) Deadpool Mopeez – Yellow/Blue

BONUS Prizes

In addition to the prizes listed above, the overall winner COULD receive two additional bonus prizes as well. To be eligible, you must complete the “Check out the BONUS prizes” option above.  Here are some hints:

  • (1) Funko Pop! Exclusive (not one of the ones listed above)
  • (1) Figure from Funko


We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there will be some extra entries just for subscribers (Newsletter sent out each Friday)
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!

About Sully

Co-founder of Nerd Fu. TV and TiVo fanatic, movie buff, collector of Pop!'s, part-time gamer.

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  1. The bathrobe is sexay

  2. the robe is probably my favorite prize

  3. Loooove the poster!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed I win to add all this to my slowly growing Deadpool collection

  5. Everything is awesome!

  6. Love the Pirate pop! If I don’t win, will def pick him up

  7. The poster!

  8. The Funko Pops are my favorite. I can’t help but collect those things!

  9. I love you.

  10. That bathrobe of course! Gonna be great watching that movie just in that. Just that…

  11. The mug, for all my hot chocolate needs. Especially since someone broke mines.

  12. Gotta love them pop!s

  13. The Nerd Fu prize pack is my fav since i’m collecting Pops now!!

  14. I like the robe

  15. My favorite is the little red plushie Deadpool.

  16. This Deadpool prize pack is awesome!

  17. Why are there no chimichangas included?

  18. The Bonus prizes.

  19. The Funko Pops are definitely fav! Especially the Pirate edition!

  20. The poster! DAMN!

  21. I saw the word Deadpool and the word giveaway. I got here as fast as I could.

  22. That robe does look pretty sweet; but my favorite has to be the Funko Pop! with swords!

  23. I’m most excited for the Deadpool Pirate Pop!

  24. I like the Deadpool bathrobe!

  25. Got my fingers crossed for this one! Love that pirate pop.

  26. I really like the bathrobe. All of it will fit well with my Deadpool funko pop collection.

  27. The poster, because I won’t find it one the shelves

  28. That poster is the best

  29. I love that robe, it’s awesomesauce!

  30. Yassss! I need that bathrobe to lounge around the house in and gorge myself on chimichangas!

  31. I love the Funkos! … and the coffee cup!! Coffee!!!!!

  32. gotta love the POPs

  33. Ricardo Pereira (@Ricky02L)

    Deadpool Funko Pop! #113 – Hot Topic Exclusive “Pirate”


  34. My favorite is the POPs!

  35. My favorite is the Deadpool Funko Pop! #113 – Hot Topic Exclusive “Pirate”

  36. The pops are my favorite for sure. But that poster is pretty wicked too.

  37. I LOVE DEADPOOL, this is a the BEST giveaway you guys have done!

  38. Awesome prize pack!!

  39. I love the funko pops. Color me obsessed.

  40. I just want a Mopeez, can we work that out?

  41. Good luck everyone!

  42. Deadpool is the only way to go!

  43. Would wear Marvel Deadpool Bathrobe every day.

    Aaawwwwww yeah, love Funko Pops!

  44. I’m all about that bathrobe…

  45. I’m seeing the movie on the 14th, cause serious who needs a valentine if you can have deadpool?

    The bathrobe is my favourite!

  46. The bathrobe 😀

  47. The Pops of course are boss but the robe is killer…see what I did there?

  48. The Pop!’s

  49. the robe is awesome and the Funko Pop!’s

  50. Love all of the items! Everyone is right about the robe, it is killer!

  51. I like the bonus plush.

  52. The bathrobe is definitely my favorite! 😀

  53. I collect and love funkos but can’t live a day without coffee

  54. Pirate Deadpool is what’s missing from my life.

  55. My son will absolutely LOVE the robe!

  56. Yeah, the bathrobe is it.

  57. Burnice Dean Coleman


  58. I do like that robe!

  59. That bathrobe is on point man!

  60. Great prizes!

  61. My favorite is definitely the Mopeez! I love them sooo much!

  62. Savannah Peterson

    Everything about this prize pack is golden! Deadpool is my favorite ;-;

  63. Savannah Peterson

    Also, Pops! are adorable

  64. I’m partial to the Funko Pop!s

  65. Bathrobe of course!

  66. I can’t wait for deadpool! except i’m under 18…. Great job putting this together! Looks amazing!

  67. The Pirate Deadpool is my fav

  68. Any of the pops need to be in my collection

  69. We’ll see who wins!

  70. I like the molded mug.

  71. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    The Original One Of A Kind Poster is my favorite in this prize pack, but have to say am loving all of them regardless 🙂

  72. The bathrobe is my favorite!!

  73. Pops are always great, especially deadpool ones…but I gotta go with that awesome robe i’d wear everyday

  74. Can’t wait to to see the movie

  75. The bathrobe is F****** awesome!

  76. Gotta love that robe

  77. The robe and the poster and the Pop! Vinyls!! Love this

  78. The Deadpool bathrobe and molded mug to start off my days perfectly.

  79. deadpool is just awesome

  80. This is a dope giveaway!

  81. Reid Harris Cooper

    I’ll kill all the other people and then eat some food. Bazinga… wait, no… I mean… Shnookins…. Oh F@#! it all.

  82. I like the Pirate Deadpool Funko Pop!

  83. I love the Mopeez and the robe the most.

  84. That robe is stylin.

  85. The Funko Pops happens to be a favorite. But I think all the prizes are great!

  86. I love these giveaways! Now, if I could only win one!

  87. Boo, I’m an Aussie. Plan on doing any global giveaways soon? Wanted to use that newsletter code 😛

  88. That Deadpool mug looks pretty sweet

  89. its a toss up between the robe or the pops

  90. My fave is Deadpool Funko Pop! #112 – “Thumb Up”

  91. If I absolutely had to choose, I think the bathrobe! I love everything in this prize pack, though.

  92. Funko Pop figures. My collection is outrageous, but I don’t have any Deadpool. How can that be??

  93. The mug is pretty cool though too. Gosh, I wanna win.

  94. The Pops! are the best part.

  95. I love the robe and poster. Oh yeah… and the POPS! And the coffee mug! Oh hell! I love it all! 🙂

  96. Awesomeness!!

  97. I’d want the bathrobe!!!

  98. Oh man the chimichangas!!!! Oh wait that’s not a prize. I’d love to wear the robe,while I stare at my awesome poster while drinking my coffee from this cool deadpool mug. OK OK the robe is my fave.

  99. The robe fo sho. I can make all my Heavyweight Champ dreams come true in that

  100. Sully, isn’t it kinda cruel to let all these people think they have a chance of winning *MY* prize pack?

  101. My favorite is the mug.

  102. salted crackers are the best

  103. the funko pops! 🙂

  104. The robe is awesome and of course the Funko Pops!

  105. Dat mug!

  106. My favorite is the bathrobe

  107. Anything Deadpool is sexy. I wish there was lady Deadpool stuff.

  108. I love the whole giveaway, but I’ll look dead sexy in that Deadpool robe!

  109. i <3 the Deadpool Molded Mug.

  110. My favorite is the bathrobe! So awesome and looks comfy! 🙂

  111. The bath robe is my favorite item!

  112. I would love to have that bath robe. It’s cool.

  113. Waleska Cezaretti

    My favorite is Funko Pop DeadPool Pirate

  114. I’m really digging the bathrobe. 😀

  115. That bathrobe…

  116. The robe would be perfect, I can fall asleep wrapped in Deadpool

  117. I really like the poster, it is awesome!

  118. So much awesomeness!!!

  119. I love all the Deadpool gear!

  120. My favorite will probably be Deadpool Funko Pop! #111 – “With Swords”

  121. Deadpool is the only thing on my mind for Valentines Day. Can’t wait to see it in theaters

  122. They are all great but, I’ll choose the bath robe! 🙂

  123. The Funko Pop!s are awesome! So is the robe!

  124. Love them all, but really want the coffee mug!

  125. Love the poster.

  126. Looking forward to adding those Pops to my growing collection of Deadpool pops! The Piratepool may be my favorite

  127. Those packs are awesome!

  128. I like the plushie and poster best.

  129. I love the Bathtub Deadpool!! Very cool!

  130. Deadpooooool!!! Ftw yes movie week!!! Can’t wait

  131. My service dog is named Wade after Deadpool. I’m a huuuuggeeee fan! I really hope I win!

  132. I really love the Funkos! 😀

  133. If there was ever a contest to win, this is it. I want to throw on that robe while I make weird noises at the wife.

  134. The Deadpool bathrobe is my favorite. I would love to wear that around the house!

  135. I need those funko pop figures in my life!

  136. THE BONUS PRIZES ESPECIALLY THE pirate Deadpool-HE looks so cool and kawaii combined!

  137. Had to say it’s a sweet package. The poster is funny the rove is sweet and Deadpool Funko Pop! #113 – Hot Topic Exclusive “Pirate” would be a welcome addition to my Funko collection. Deadpool is by far my favorite character and glad to finally see him on the big screen

  138. all the pops are amazing!!

  139. Gotta say, extremely excited for this movie. My favorite item has to be the bath robe tho! That’s freaking beast!

  140. I need ALL of the Funko POPs. Have to breath in a bag now.

  141. I love the poster and the funkos!

  142. I love the robe!

  143. I’ve got to say my favorite thing in the prize pack is the original, one-of-a-kind fan poster!

  144. I can’t decide between the poster and the POPs!

  145. The pirate pop is my favorite.

  146. That robe looks super comfortable

  147. Deadpool is the best giveaway

  148. I love the mopeez deadpool… Too cute!

  149. Love the robe!

  150. Ain’t no reason NOT to comment! After watching the Deadpool movie, breaking the fourth wall has never been easier. Wait. Is everything I’m thinking being typed? This is too cool!

  151. V. much liking the bathrobe – would be great to wear with a sexy bra & pantie set underneath! :’) Also am quite fond of the Mopeez…

  152. I love the mug! OMG!

  153. It’s finally Deadpool weekend!! L
    And i need those pops for my collection!!

  154. Love me some Deadpool!!!

  155. Very cool!! If I win I’m gifting my prize to the biggest Deadpool fan you’ve ever met!

  156. I really like the robe

  157. Everything looks amazing, but I am absolutely drooling over that poster! But I need EVERYTHINGGGGGGG

  158. The Deadpool mug is perfect!

  159. There is nothing showing up on the Gemr sight for the bonus prize when I clicked the link. I’ll try again tomorrow. =D

  160. Love that poster!!!

  161. The funko pops are my favorite. The robe is neat too!

  162. I am super excited about this giveaway, thank you nerdfu

  163. Omg, I need this in my life. Such amazing pizes

  164. Such an AWESOME giveaway! Everything in it is rad! My favorite item though is probably the Deadpool Mopeez, SOOOOOO cute! ^_^

  165. I think I like the bathrobe the best.

  166. I am so loving the mug!!!

  167. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames)

    That bathrobe looks like it would be just what I need to cut that Winter chill.

  168. Awesome contest. Can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  169. The bathrobe is my favoriye

  170. Jeannette Mantilla

    In love with the robe!!!!

  171. I love the Bathrobe <3

  172. I pretty much want everything in this prize pack. That bathrobe is amazing though, but I think I want the poster more.

  173. I love the mug! The whole prize pack is definitely the whole package though…

  174. Allan (@121_Gigawattz)

    As a Funko collector I gotta go with the Pops!

  175. The poster is my favorite

  176. Deadpool Funko Pop! #113 – Hot Topic Exclusive “Pirate”

  177. Hope I have a shot at this

  178. Can’t wait to see this movie, can’t wait to win these prizes!

  179. That robe is to die for

  180. Awesome!

  181. I love the funkos

  182. I am soooooo loving that robe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. They’re all super-cool but if I have to pick one, I’d go with the bathrobe.

  184. The bathrobe… casual fancy to sit back and eat some chimichangas in.

  185. That poster is hella amazing. Definitely my favorite.

  186. The robe!

  187. joann tompkins winborn

    I need a new bathrobe and this one would do nicely! Thanks for the chance!

  188. Awesome prize Giveaway!

  189. Bathrobe by far!

  190. The pops are my favorite (I can’t pick just one! XD)

  191. Renae Whittington-Hudspith


  192. The bathrobe is my favorite.


  194. I want everything of deadpool merch!!!

  195. All of the items in this prize pack are pretty great, but that poster is awesome!

  196. The mug and the Funkos are both awesome! I like the Funko with the pirate hat. Lol.

  197. The poster is my favorite

  198. Nothing is better than Deadpool! Hope I win ~crossing fingers~

  199. well gotta be in it to win it…awsome prizes

  200. I would love to win it all! My favorite prize is Deadpool Funko Pop! #111 – “With Swords”

  201. That bathrobe is super sexy, baybay

  202. WANT!!! Especially the poster!

  203. The mug looks cool and I love collecting Funko Pop!

  204. i love that bathrobe so much

  205. Seriously looking forward to the bathrobe and mug!

  206. The poster is my favorite item in the prize pack! Awesome and unique design. I’d love to have that hanging on my wall!

  207. Love the Pop stuff!

  208. Loving the mug!! great prizes!

  209. Damn! That bathrobe!

  210. I love Deadpool, so everything on here is great!

  211. I want the Pirate Pop!

  212. The Funko Pops are gggggreat :3

  213. My favorite item is the bathrobe! I can drive everyone crazy geeking out pretending to be Deadpool!

  214. I want all the Pop! Vinyls! The robe too!

  215. OMG! The Pops are so cute!

  216. The whole Prize Pack is awesome, but I could getting up every morning putting on the robe and having a coffee in the awesome mug.

  217. My favourite item from the prize pack is the bathrobe
    super cool 🙂

  218. I have a weakness for Pop!s but that fan poster is awwwwesome.

  219. The bathrobe is awesome!

  220. Can I say all? Cause thy all are amazing XD

  221. The bathrobe is awesome! Though I have been eyeing that Pirate Pop!

  222. That poster is amazing!

  223. Loving on the bath robe! thank you for the giveaway!

  224. I want to win the mug for my best friend, so that’s the most exciting. But the rest would be MINE.

  225. Deadpool = badass

  226. My favorite has to be the bathrobe

  227. It would be very nice to win. : )

  228. This is such a cool giveway. Fingers crossed on winning it.

  229. That robe is pretty cool.

  230. Should get 10 times entries just for the extra work of doing the Instagram entry from a laptop to a phone only app.

  231. The Deadpool bath robe looks awesome.

  232. Deadpool Funko Pop! #111 – “With Swords” is so cute! Huge request @fundotcom_ for 100% Cotton Bathrobe / clothing merch! Thank you thenerdfu for the Deadpool Contest <3

  233. Yeah…I wamt that robe. Now.

  234. I want that poster *-*

  235. The mug is pretty cool!

  236. I like the thought of drinking my coffee out of Deadpool’s skull.

  237. The robe is too cool!

  238. The poster is sweet! Hope the robe is big enough for me. And that’s the mug I’m bringing to work now.


  240. I’d like to win the Robe and Mug from pack. STYLIN’.

  241. My son loves cosplay – I need to win for him! Please let me win as this would be a fantastic gift!

  242. Everything!!

  243. I love it all… the mug and everything

  244. My favorite prize is all of them. Never been good with choices.

  245. Need this!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. My favorites are Marvel Deadpool Bathrobe and Deadpool Molded Mug so I can represent while still lounging aroundbthe house and maybe on a late night snack run!

  247. This is an amazing prize pack!

  248. The bathrobe undoubtedly

  249. Dat bath robe! 😀

  250. My favorite is the robe.

  251. great giveaway!

  252. All the prizes are so awesome but I’m dying to get that mug and the bathrobe!

  253. Pops! I freakin’ love Pops.

  254. That bathrobe and mug would be the best combo to my squeaky mastubation shoes

  255. The bathrobe would help me become a P.I.M.P.

  256. I love the Mopeez!!

  257. That robe is very cool

  258. The bathrobe is my favorite prize!

  259. I like me that robe so I does.

  260. The original, one-of-a-kind fan poster (24″ x 36″) is my favorite! But then the Deadpool Molded Mug is pretty awesome too!

  261. Seriously!? I can only pick which one prize pack item I like most…Well….um. The prize pack can be considered one thing right?

  262. Awesome giveaway.

  263. My favorite from all the items included with the prize is the Deadpool Funko Pop Figure, Deadpool Mopeez – Red/Black and the mug.

  264. I think the robe is very cool.

  265. The poster!! I need that poster in my life.

  266. My favorite prize pack item is the Red/Black Deadpool Mopeez!

  267. Love the Bath Robe!!

  268. Deadpool Mopeez – Yellow/Blue

  269. bathrobe is the best!

  270. Poster ftw! <3

  271. I like the coffee mug

  272. Superb prize pack!! The Mopeez!!!!!!!!

  273. I am digging the exclusive poster!

  274. Love love love the Funko Pops! And the bathrobe is pretty awesome too.

  275. My favorite item is the exclusive pirate Deadpool Pop!

  276. robe and poster are my favorite

  277. The red mopeez and the grey bonus mopeez are my favorite. They are just to cute.

  278. cool stuff. I want that mug.

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