Duck Dodgers Funko Pop!

You’d have to go all the way back to 1953 for the first look at Duck Dodgers. The cartoon, with Daffy Duck in the lead role, made a comeback in 2003 and was recently released on DVD.

While there aren’t a lot of episodes out there to watch, Duck Dodgers has some very passionate fans (as we found when posting some of the recent SDCC exclusives) Thanks to Funko, those fans will soon be able to add a few characters from the show to their Funko Pop! collection.

Pop! Animation: Duck Dodgers

Who will claim the mysterious “Planet X”?!
Between Earth’s own Duck Dodgers backed by his loyal Space Cadet versus Marvin the Martian and his equally loyal K-9 Pop!, it’s anyone’s game!
Especially adventurous collectors might even find the rare metallic chase variants of Duck Dodgers and Space Cadet!

Coming in August!


Pre-Order your Duck Dodgers Pop! Vinyl

Don’t run all over town or space trying to track down these new figures. Pre-order now and have them delivered to your house after they are released. In fact, it is our experience that you have a much better chance of getting one of the awesome chase figures if you pre-order from Entertainment Earth.

Click on any of the images above or the big orange button below to pre-order from EE. We get a referral fee for each purchase made using our link.

** NOTICE: The Chase figures shown above are inserted randomly into orders. You are not guaranteed to receive a Chase figure.


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