Enamel Pins – WonderCon 2017

The breadth of collectible enamel pins keeps making itself known to the collectible world. With pins available for just about any interest, hobby or fandom – there’s bound to be something that’ll speak to any collector. We keep seeing enamel pins that really turn heads, especially recently. Our resistance to start collecting enamel pins were futile but that’s okay because with this kind of quality, why shouldn’t we want them? The detail is amazing and so are the top notch artists who lend themselves to creating them.

If you couldn’t get to WonderCon and are a fan of enamel pins, rest easy. The folks at Hero Complex Galaxy launched a section on their website dedicated to posters and enamel pins that were available at WonderCon and can be purchased now. Check out the pins that available below and click on an image for details and purchase information.

“Wonka Bar” Pin

Artist | Joshua Budich

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Willy Wonka - Wonka Bar - Enamel Pin

“Wonka Bar” Golden Ticket Variant Pin

Artist | Joshua Budich

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Willy Wonka - Golden Ticket - Enamel Pin

“Akira Jacket” Pin

Artist | Marko Manev

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Akira - Akira Jacket - Enamel Pin

“Soot Sprite”  Pin

Artist | Joshua Budich

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Soot Sprite - Enamel Pin

“Chibi Totoro” Pin

Artist | Joshua Budich

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Chibi Totoro - Enamel Pin

“Nostromo” Pin

Artist | Kevin M. Wilson (Ape Meets Girl)

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Alien - Nostromo - Enamel Pin

“Bunny” Pin

Artist | Bruce Yan

Cost | $10

WonderCon 2017 - Looney Tunes - Bunny - Enamel Pin

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