Firefly Reunion – Dallas Comic Con 2014

Over ten years after its premature cancellation, Firefly continues to draw in fans (new & old) all over the world.  Any one of the stars of the show could fill a hall at most any con, but Dallas Comic Con wasn’t satisfied with one, or two, or even five Firefly panelists.  NO! – they went for it all and signed the entire cast of Big Damn Heroes.

Unfortunately, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin couldn’t make it for DCC 2014 (filming conflicts), but that didn’t seem to sway a single fan.  The giant Hall D (with 4,000 seats) ended up holding more like 6,000 fans for the “almost” reunion of the entire cast.

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Each of the Firefly guests came out to a roaring crowd and, after a slight curtain malfunction that almost injured guests and fans, the cast settled into a rhythm that easily matched the feel of the original show.  Nathan was on point, serving as a moderator of sorts.  Summer barely said a word.  Gina threatened to remove a tiny con-goer who asked “What’s the big deal with Firefly anyway?”  It’s like we were all settled in for another episode of our favorite show.

Our hour flew by, but not before a few highlights:

  • Before any of the guests came out, we were treated to a video from Joss Whedon himself (from what looked like the set of Avengers 2 – just a guess).
  • Each cast member shared what actor/actress they would want to replace them on the show.
    • Ron Glass – Denis Haysbert
    • Jewel Staite – “Nobody – I don’t anyone else playing Kaylee”
    • Sean Maher – Zac Efron (Zac actually played young Simon Tam in one episode of Firefly)
    • Gina Torres – Laurence Fishburne
    • Adam Baldwin – Michael Rooker
    • Nathan Fillion – Jason Bateman
  • Q: A super-young fan (maybe 4 or 5) asked Nathan Fillion what his favorite animal was.  Nathan: a cat
  • Q: A fan asked what everyone’s favorite Joss Whedon moment was A: Not one, but two cast members had stories of Joss dancing the night away, including on night where Joss dressed in disguise and crashed a convention party.  All the fans actually left Joss alone and let him dance and have fun. “He doesn’t just dance, he has dance marathons.”
  • At one point Nathan face-timed with Alan Tudyk, well almost.  We caught a few glimpses of Alan on Nathan’s iPhone, but the connection (made all the way from the set in Australia) didn’t quite work enough for us to chat directly with Alan.

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