Fraggle Rock Pop!s On the Way from Funko

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Save those worries for another day, thanks to this new line of Fraggle Rock Pop!s from Funko! The beloved Jim Henson’s whimsical creation is brought to life in vinyl form and features character favorites that include Boober, Gobo, Mokey, Wembley and Red! Each of these figures comes with a tiny, hard-working Doozer too! Several retail exclusives will be available for fans that wish to complete the set. Funko Hunters will want to keep an eye out for a flocked version of Red, the dog Sprocket and Uncle Traveling Matt. Pre-order your favorites now and let the music play – down at Fraggle Rock!


Funko is excited to introduce Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock coming to Pop! vinyl this winter! This series features the Fraggles, the short, furry creatures who live in a network of magical caves! Including Boober wearing his brown cap and scarf, the explorer Gobo, and Mokey the dreamer, the oldest of the Fraggle Five. Completing the series is the athletic and energetic Red, also Wembley wearing this palm tree shirt. Each Fraggle comes complete with their own Doozer – the creatures who love to work all day long.


FRAGGLE ROCK Retail Exclusives

For the hardcore Funko Hunters out there, be on the lookout for these Pop!s from the series! A flocked version of Red (only at Books-A-Million), the intelligent dog Sprocket (Toys “R” Us) and the Specialty Series Uncle Traveling Matt.

Funko - Pop - Fraggle Rock - Flocked Red with Doozer - BAM - exclusive

Funko - Pop - Fraggle Rock - Sprocket - Toys R Us - exclusive

Funko - Pop - Fraggle Rock - Uncle Traveling Matt - specialty series




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