FU with Friends: The Ginger a.k.a. Steph (S02E81)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 2: Episode 81.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

When we’re not bringing you the latest and greatest in Nerdy and Geeky news, we enjoy focusing on our super cool fans! With FU AND FRIENDS, we toss out the normal rules and outline of our regular podcast and make things more conversational. Whether it’s inviting a special guest or two to join us on the show, dedicating the entire podcast to Twitter questions or both – expect nothing but the craziest and tastiest awesomesauce that only Nerd Fu can whip up!

Werd up!



Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans

  • @DeLorean Wolfgng – [ Man sues his date for texting during #GOTGVol2 ] “What would it take for you to sue someone?”
  • @MeanMrTaylor “Who’s the weirdest girl you find attractive? What’s your go-to trick on a trampoline?
  • @CorgiKohmander“What was the last VHS you watched? What was the last cassette tape you listened to? What was the last event you had printed at 1 hr photo?”
  • @Luckynala323“If you found a large unclaimed plot of land in the US that was yours once you stepped onto it & money wasn’t an issue, what would you build?”
  • @IAMattman – “What are your expectations for Alien: Covenant? Assuming you are seeing it tomorrow!”
  • @Nightbodega “Has someone hooked you onto the new spinners yet? Luckily I’m not. Sully, how much Eastciders did you indulge in while back in Texas?
  • @AngusMaximus“Rocket League recently signed a deal with WWE what classic wrestler car would you want to see? For me People’s Champ Patty Wagon. Duck, Duck, Goose or Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?”
  • @TheSuicidefoxx“So I hear you guys were at Comicpalooza recently, what was the best part about it or item you found there? How many Dews can you do?”
  • @3beersandamic“If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?
  • @GB_reviews“What is your favorite memory of Funko Fundays?
  • @Jake_Whritenour “What’s the coolest thing you saw at Comicpalooza that you wish you could’ve brought home?”
  • @MelSully“What was your first job and how old were you?”
  • @Nerdycurious“How excited are you guys for Wonder Woman? There is only one correct answer.”
  • @Elmachas“What’s your favorite movie from the year you were born in?”
  • @ThaddeusPrime“What is your worst bathroom experience?”
  • @Fnkolvr“Name your top 3 Netflix binge-worthy shows that get your stamp of approval? Favorite candy as a kid? Favorite candy now?? Sully choose your most favorite: Whataburger meal after a 48 hr fast OR 24 hrs of Nintendo Switch time after 3 months of no playtime?”

Special thanks to Austin Eastciders for their support!

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

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