FU with Friends: The Intern and Sully’s Wife (S02E71)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 2: Episode 71.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

When we’re not bringing you the latest and greatest in Nerdy and Geeky news, we enjoy focusing on our super cool fans! With FU AND FRIENDS, we toss out the normal rules and outline of our regular podcast and make things more conversational. Whether it’s inviting a special guest or two to join us on the show, dedicating the entire podcast to Twitter questions or both – expect nothing but the craziest and tastiest awesomesauce that only Nerd Fu can whip up!

Werd up!



Questions Provided by the Following Fans

  • @CorgiKohmander“What are you worse at than 90% of the population? What’s in your ideal burrito?”
  • @Adam_Ratliff “Hellboy 3 is officially dead but The Matrix 4 is still possible, what other franchise would you like to see get a sequel?”
  • @thaddeusprime “Batman vs anyone, go!”
  • @nightbodega “Steve, if you woke up in Sully’s body one day (Sully same Q, vice versa) what would you do, have fun, cause trouble, go shopping?”
  • @MelSully “What are some of your favorites from toy fair reveal?”
  • @AngusMaximus“Hola Amigos! What’s the one celebrity you haven’t met yet but would love to?”
  • @PadrickSalton“With all your Con experience, what foods stand out (your fav) for specific cities?”
  • @Buttwasted“Who would win in a Billionaire beatdown, Scrooge McDuck or the Monopoly guy?”
  • @TheSuicidefoxx“You’re building your team of heroes and/or villains up & you can only pick 5 people. Who do you choose?! Movies & comics count.”
  • @chloesamazshow“Favorite female villain?”
  • @3beersandamic“If you could be any character from movie or tv who would it be?”
  • @DeLoreanWolfgang“Thoughts on the Rufio prequel… go!”
  • @gb_reviews“If you had to put money on it, what dates would you bet #SDCC Returning Registration and Open Registration will be?”



About Steve

Co-founder of Nerd Fu, mild-mannered artist, gamer, movie aficionado, SDCC disciple.

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