FU with Friends: Twitter Friends (S3E7)

Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast – Season 3: Episode 7.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

When we’re not bringing you the latest and greatest in Nerdy and Geeky news, we enjoy focusing on our super cool fans! With FU AND FRIENDS, we toss out the normal rules and outline of our regular podcast and make things more conversational. Whether it’s inviting a special guest or two to join us on the show, dedicating the entire podcast to Twitter questions or both – expect nothing but the craziest and tastiest awesomesauce that only Nerd Fu can whip up!

Werd up!



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#WerdFu Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans…

@Bookishkali – “Out of all the awesome movies coming out this year, which one would you like to attend the premiere of? It would include walking the red carpet, meet stars, etc. Would you guys ever do a reality competition as a team? If so which one?”

@Bosixx4 – “The best famous person you have met that was not at a con meet/greet?”

@Chloesamazshow – “What Disney pop do you want made that hasn’t been made yet?”

@Gb_reviews – “When are you going to make a Nerd Fu documentary?”

@JohnnyCisco52 – “Do you think anything other than Pop!s (toy-wise) will be for Ready Player One? If so, what do you want to see get made?”

@ClintStreaming – “Favorite video game of all time? Favorite 80’s Video Game? Also, what video game would you two go head to head on and be evenly matched? Can we see it?”

@DeLoreanWolfgng – “Could Wonder Woman block a lightsaber with her wrist guards?”

@Clintflicks – “Most underrated and overrated movie of all time? Also, any thoughts you want to share about the Oscar nominations?”

@Lopez_josh24 – “Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes being a thing now. What would you combine two of (favorite snacks and drinks) to be one product?”

@CollectorClint – “Amigos, what would you want to see if there were Funko Pop!s of you two? Would there be a 2 pack? Chase? Exclusives? Variants? Would you be holding beers or ciders?”

@Adam_Ratliff – “The Sea of Thieves beta started today & the full game will be in Xbox Game Pass on launch! Will you be playing? What’s your ideal crew & what will you name your ship?”

@ClintPodcast – “Dudes… what kind of music are you into? Favorite bands/performers? As I listen to the Star Wars episode of @sttepodcast, I have a question: if you were pro wrestlers, what would your name/character/story be? Finishing move?”

@Buttwasted – “Is your local Toys R Us affected by the closure announcement?”

@Elmachas – “Most embarrassing college story?”

@ThaddeusPrime – “Of all the comic book universes, what hero or villain would Darth choose to be his apprentice and why?”

@Nightbodega – “I’m going to ping one of my questions off of Corgi’s comment.  I asked this a while ago, but never got answered.  Sully, which “Wildcard/Fu-Bits” sounds effects from Steve is your favorite and which has been your least fav? Steve, your fav & least favorite? Steve & Sully are the last two contestants in a drinking contest.  The winner receives 500 million dollars tax free. The loser ends up giving 3 of his paychecks to the winner.  There are 60 beers, 3 bottles of wine, 15 shots of tequila & 7 IPAs left.  Who wins? You switch jobs for a month with your significant other. You heard your significant other complain about certain work tasks. Do you think each of you could do your significant other’s job better? Does your significant other agree with you?”

@Fnkolvr – “Opinions…should I bother hitting up closing Toys R Us or use that time more productive for video games?”

@sttepodcast – “You can each have one guest on the podcast to co-host a whole episode with. Who do you each choose? Can be anyone dead or alive.”

@CorgiKohmander – “Is it bad that I miss the Fu-Bits/Wildcard section sound effect? If you could Freaky Friday with one person for one weekend who would it be?”

@Cheezmo – “Who from the Futang is doing SXSW? What is the next adventure on your radar? Anyone have an extra Making Fun Freddy?”

FU with Friends: Blair and Eric (S02E76)

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