Full STEAM Ahead with DubWars

Once upon a time there was a console named Ouya. My biz partner picked one up around the time of it’s launch and we started to look at what kind of gaming chaos we could get into. While there were a handful of fun games on the console, one game really stood out and quickly provided long hours of play, lots of cheers……and head-bobbing. That game was DubWars.


The Game

Since we haven’t heard of DubWars, we decided to check out the game’s creators – MURA InteractiveKickstarter page. With funding help from over 300 backers, MURA was able to bring the game to bright, new polished life for fans. DubWars was and is such an incredibly fun game because of it’s unique and well executed concept:

DubWars combines the mechanics of a top-down shooter with the power of Dubstep and Electronic music. Your weapons are synced to the music creating times of intense weapon load outs and calm moments where your survival skills are tested. The music takes the forefront of the play session, connecting game mechanics to the sounds while driving a deeper, more immersive experience.


 Play It

If you’ve never played this game then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. There are so many elements to DubWars that can easily appeal to a wide variety of gamers out there. Whether you’re in for the space fighter aspect, those pretty wicked beat drops or just that hint of arcade nostalgia from the game, there’s bound to be something to grab your attention.



DubWars is available now on Steam and ready to launch! Worried about the controls? Don’t be. MURA Interactive has made a game that makes the smart choice to trade overcomplicated controls and with simpler ones that allow you to pretty much dive right in. The killer part of this game? Your weapons fire in-sync with the music! How cool is that?

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