Funko News – What To Expect in 2016

Funko Funatics (like myself) are always on the lookout for the latest reveal – combing through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & hoping for the slightest hint at what we can add to our collection next.  Most of the time, the information and images we find come just days before an official press release from Funko, but a couple times a year we get more… so much more.

As he has done for the last few years, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti takes to the Funko Funatic forums to share his “Days of Christmas” reveals.  It’s during these days that he lays down the road-map for the following year, revealing information on new licenses, new lines & upcoming plans for the company as a whole.  Like most fans, we pray to see some of our favorite movies, TV shows, games & more “Pop” up on this list.

Funko – 8 Days of Christmas 2015

Hot off the heels of Christmas, we now have the complete list from Brian.  Let’s take a closer look.

Day 1 – ANIMATION – posted 12-15-15


Day 2 – MOVIES – posted 12-16-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 2

Day 3 – TV – posted 12-17-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 3

Day 4 – MUSIC – posted 12-18-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 4

Day 5 – GAMING – posted 12-21-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 5

Day 6 – DISNEY – posted 12-22-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 6Day 7 – MOVIES – posted 12-23-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 7Day 8 – VARIOUS – posted 12-24-15

8 Days of Christmas - Funko - Day 8


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