Funko Pop! Announcements – 11-12-13

It’s probably some sort of impossible puzzle, but I bet there is a connection between this group of upcoming Pop!’s from our friends at Funko, you know – other than the fact that you want them all.

The latest press release from Funko brings us news of new figures from Pop! Television, Pop! Heroes & Pop! Movies.

Pop! Television: Beavis and Butt-Head

“Uh, hey, baby”

We have Beavis and Butt-Head Pop!’s!

“This is going to be cool…”

Everyone’s favorite delinquents are joining the Funko club!

They’re stupidly cute…

And really COOL!

Release Date: December 24th


Pop! Heroes: Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd is the toughest of them all!

He fights for order and justice in the midst of chaos.

We turned the law enforcer into a little cutesy Pop! but don’t get confused…

He’s still the law!

Release Date: December 10th

New Pop! Robots

Robots, robots, robots!

We have an assortment of loveable little metal friends today!

We know they don’t have hearts…

But they’re sure to melt yours!

Release Date: December 24th


As always, if any of these are MUST HAVES for your collection, then we recommend you pre-order the figures as soon as you can.  You just never know when they’ll sell out or you’ll just forget to go get them when they are released.  Head on over to one of these online retailers and add to cart.
** These figures may not be listed yet, but check back in a few days and they’ll probably be there then.

Entertainment Earth


Fugitive Toys



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