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I’ve collected many things over the years, from Garbage Pail Kids to Funko POP!s, but little has come close to matching the fun that I had collecting baseball cards as a kid.  I can still remember taking my binder to school and showing off my collection, making trades during lunch and looking up card values in Beckett.  That’s why, when I started collecting GetGlue stickers, I immediately turned to the web for a way to store my collection.  As it turns out, there was little to no information available, so I decided to figure it out on my own.

Like baseball cards, GetGlue stickers have a pretty standard format (about 2″ x 2″ when cut out of their original sheet).  There are some variations on the format, with some tabbed and oversize stickers floating around out there, but most of your stickers will arrive 20 to a page on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of sticky back paper.  You can choose to cut them down or leave your sheet uncut.

GetGlue Sticker Storage Options

No matter what size, shape or condition your stickers are in, you don’t really wanna just throw them in a box or leave them sitting around.  Some of these stickers can end up being quite valuable (check eBay and you’ll see what I am talking about). I bought and tested quite a few different storage options and found what works.


20-pocket pages from BCW are perfect for storing singles and are PVC & Acid free. Each slot is 2″ x 2″, so stickers are easy to get in and out.

COST: $5.61 for 20 sheets ($.28 per sheet) from

20 Pocket Pages from BCW


Coin Snaps – For your most valuable singles (you know – the ones you really want to show off), I came across these coin snaps, also from BCW. Your stickers will need to be cut down to just under 2″ x 2″, but there will still be plenty of white space around them.

COST: $16.99 for a box of 25 ($.68 each) from

Coin Snaps from BCW


Large Dollar Holders from Guardhouse

Large Dollar Holders: If you are just looking for something to transport an individual sticker or for shipping, these “large dollar holders” are inexpensive and even come with their own storage box. You’ll need to tape around the edges to keep the sticker from coming out, but these might be a better option if the coin snaps (shown above) are too expensive.

COST: $9.92 for a box of 100 ($.10 each) from

Oversize and Full Sheets

Ultra Pro Pocket Pages (8 1/2 x 11) are great for handling oversize GetGlue stickers and uncut sticker sheets.

COST: $18.78 for 100 shets ($.19 per sheet) from

Ultra Pro Pocket Pages – stickers over 2″ x 2″
Ultra Pro Pocket Pages – uncut sheets

Other Storage Options

Do you GetGlue? Have you found some other storage methods that weren’t listed above? If so, please share so other readers can benefit from your ingenuity. We might just update this post and include your idea.

My GetGlue sticker collection
My GetGlue sticker collection

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