Ghostbusters Artist Series Puzzles

A new Ghostbusters film hits theaters this July and, though many are less-than-excited about a reboot, that means the marketing blitz is in full swing. The good news – that means that we’re also seeing a lot of new collectibles featuring the original film.

Ghostbusters Artist Series Puzzles from USAOpoly

We tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something we loved from childhood. Something that could never, ever possibly destroy us… Introducing the Ghostbusters Artist Series Puzzle Collection! Build the first two of four masterful and custom puzzles to relive iconic moments from the original Ghostbusters movie. Let’s see how these ghosts and demons have warped these puzzles into something worth of posting on a wall!

Artist Series 1

In this 550-piece artist series puzzle, the boys defend New York City against Stay Puft and the dreaded Gozer.  Recall the epic scene where the Ghostbusters decide to do the unimaginable- cross their streams to defeat the demon Gozer and save New York City from the biggest Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man anyone has ever seen.

Ghostbusters - Artist Series - 01 - Puzzle - Box

Ghostbusters - Artist Series - 01 - Puzzle

Artist Series 2

Piece together a 550-piece artist illustrated picture of the famous Ghostbusters squad. In this puzzle, fans complete this artist’s interpretation of a classic movie poster. Hang this completed puzzle on your wall to get your daily dose of the team who saved New York City from those pesky ghosts!

Ghostbusters - Artist Series - 02 - Puzzle - Box

Ghostbusters - Artist Series - 02 - Puzzle


Be on the lookout for Artist Series 3 and 4 coming in 2017.

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