Godzilla Action Figure Giveaway

Our friends at Entertainment Earth gave us one of these awesome Godzilla 2014 Movie 12-Inch Action Figures to review and give away, and that’s just what we’re gonna do.

Enter below, using the Rafflecopter entry form, and be sure to return daily for more chances to win.  You can tweet every day for more entries and we might just add some options along the way.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Godzilla Action Figure Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, age 16 or over.



We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there will most likely be some extra entries just for subscribers
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!


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  1. My favorite Godzilla movie was the first one from 1954! Well, the american version (the one we all know w/Raymond Burr) wasn’t available state side until 1956. But, you know what I mean. Thanks for having such a cool giveaway! I’ve been a huge Godzilla fan ever since I can remember, and would love to win!

  2. My hubby would love this!

  3. Love Godzilla, hope that make a good one soon

  4. It looks bad @$$! it would go on the shelf next to my Iron Giant bank.

  5. The the original 1954 “Godzilla” is my favorite!

  6. The 2014 version of Godzilla is my favorite.

  7. I want him…Pleasssseeee.

  8. Needs a top hat and cane.

  9. The 2014 version was my favorite!

  10. The 2014 movie is my favorite.

  11. Destroy all monsters is my favorite godzilla movie.

  12. The 2014 movie is my favorite.

  13. Margaret Maggie Porter

    My favorite was the original in 1954!

  14. King Kong vs Godzilla!

  15. Having childhood flashbacks with these cool Godzilla and other action figures – know some kids who would love these.

  16. The the original 1954 “Godzilla” is my favorite

  17. This is cool as hell

  18. What a great prize for godzilla fans

  19. Love it looks so cool.

  20. I love godzilla!!! This would be a great addition to my collection!

  21. Don’t laugh, but my favorite Godzilla movie is Godzilla and Godzooky. I used to watch the VHS ALL the time. I thought it was very suspenseful and touching as an eight yr old. XD

  22. Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla

  23. This is so awesome! Very cool giveaway! Love the detail on the figure.

  24. my favorite movie is the original one with mothra.

  25. i loved the original godzilla movie.

  26. Gotta go with the original Godzilla as the best.

  27. I Love Godzilla & Thank You For Giveaway & Chance To Win! 🙂

  28. That Godzilla is awesome!

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