The Golden Girls Monopoly

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Is there anything the Golden Girls can’t conquer? They dominated the air-waves in the eighties with their Emmy-winning television show, and recently they’ve appeared as Funko Pop!s & action figures. We even reported on the the Golden Girls edition of CLUE recently. But that clearly wasn’t enough. Your favorite classy/sassy ladies are taking their talents to another game now. Prepare yourself (and your wallet) for Golden Girls Monopoly!


Most board games start out innocently enough. It’s just a group of people sitting around looking to have a good time. But no board game has ended with more tears than Monopoly. Friends cleaning out other friends, making them mortgage all their properties. It can get ugly. One thing is for sure, rarely is everyone sitting around singing “Thank You For Being A Friend” at the end of a game of Monopoly.
The same goes for this twist on the classic game, The Golden Girls Monopoly. Buy, sell, or trade iconic locations from the show. Go on a shopping spree, pay your income tax, and collect your $200 salary as you move around the board. The game includes iconic Golden Girls tokens to travel along the game board.

Golden Girls - Monopoly - Board and Box

Product Specifications

  • Classic Monopoly game adapted for Emmy-winning Golden Girls television show
  • Great gift for any Golden Girls fan
  • For 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+
  • Includes:
    • Tokens: Cheesecake, Stan’s toupee, Rose’s teddy bear, Sophia’s purse, and Blanche’s mirror, and candied herring
    • Play Money
    • Gameboard
    • Dice
    • Instructions
    • Back in St. Olaf and Picture it… Sicily cards

Golden Girls Monopoly - Tokens

Golden Girls Monopoly - Board


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