A short while back, we were able to get in touch with the very good people at GUNNAR. We’ve seen them at several conventions before and even in a few stores but were never fully sure what to make of them. GUNNAR was kind enough to send over a pair of one of their newest styles called the Micron for us to review. I wore them for about two weeks in and under various settings.

So let’s talk some GUNNAR shall we?



Before I begin, I thought it’d be best to share a little info about GUNNAR. Here’s a few quotes from their website about who they are and why you should give them a try:

GUNNAR - Micron

GUNNAR is the industry leader in advanced computer and gaming eyewear, being the only company with approved patents for particular computer glasses elements. Our patented lens technology and style-based design distinguishes GUNNAR eyewear from other options available.  All GUNNARS, regardless of the style or price, reduce digital eye strain while improving contrast, comfort and focus. The price varies according to the design, frame materials, and the style.

If you’re under 40, eye strain or blurred vision during computer work may be due to an inability of your eyes to remain accurately focused on your screen or because your eyes have trouble changing focus from your keyboard to your screen and back again for prolonged periods. Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses in several ways: 1) Most young people wear eyeglasses to correct their distance vision, and 2) Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only. Only computer glasses are optimized for digital screens that are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes.

The key points about the specialized nature of these glasses are broken down with these 4 important points:

  • Reduced eye strain, dry eyes, and computer related headaches
  • Decreased glare and screen reflections
  • Increased contrast and resolution
  • Improved productivity and performance

That pretty much sums up the benefits and, for some, that could be enough to go on. We feel differently and, if we’re going to outfit our inner circle here at the Nerd Fu Dojo office with GUNNARS, we had to be sure.


GUNNAR - The Micron

Right off the bat, let me say that I don’t wear prescription or any other kind of glasses minus sunglasses. So one of the biggest curiosities I had was how long I would be able to keep them on until they felt weird or uncomfortable. Here’s the official description of the Micron:

The MICRON fuses modern lines with classic style to create the perfect weapon for any op. Designed with an ideal balance of precision optics and optimum comfort, the MICRON brings new meaning to perfect fit. Equipped with hardened steel, three-barrel hinges mounted in an injected nylon polymer frame for feather-weight all day performance. The MICRON, micrometer precise.

When I opened up the box I comforted right away by the inclusion of the the soft, microfiber storage bag. I took a look at the Microns and really liked the rubberized feel of the frame. When I opened and closed the arms of the glasses, it felt fluid and not at all fragile….which is something I look for no matter what kind of glasses I’m thinking about buying. Another first impression I got had to do with the weight. The Micron’s were incredibly lightweight but did feel a bit like my metal framed glasses. This wasn’t a bad thing by any means, just surprising a pair of specs could feel light and little bit heavy at the same time. Before putting them on, the last thing I did was survey the lenses – the heart of all GUNNARS. I looked at the outside and inside of the lenses and noticed the pale yellow/amber tint. Right away I thought “safey glasses….not cool.” But as I tilted the frames and put them in front a few light sources and my tv and computer monitor, I noticed there was a coating that turned the reflected light a blueish-purple back off the lenses. I knew this “coating” would be the source for the Micron’s impending greatness. And the fit? Well, I have a big head and big face and was worried they might be a little snug or small. Nope! Not the case either! I was pretty happy they actually fit really well were a nice proportion to my face.

GUNNAR - The Micron

 I split my usage of the Micron up between my work and my game playing. Whilst I am away from Nerd Fu, I do have a regular day job that keeps me in front of a computer screen for most of the day. I put them on when I sat at my desk and quickly noticed the lenses neutralized the slight blue tint of my monitor. The amber tint from the lenses did put a very, very light yellow tint on everything but that only lasted a very short time. Once my eyes adjusted to the new hue of everything, there really was noticeable difference in my daily monitor viewing. I have experienced eye strain before and during the two weeks I wore the Microns there was a reduction in soreness from my eyes. That alone would be worth the cost of these GUNNARS. The frame weight was never an issue and I found myself putting the glasses on almost as soon as I woke up, that’s how comfortable they are. While at work, my small office eventually started asking about the specs I was wearing and all of their details which I happily provided. Several of them even tried them on and were pretty amazed at the difference they made. The next test would be how they affected my gaming or if they did at all.

I fired up my Xbox in the evenings and again noticed a difference. It may just be me but the difference was just that…different….when looking at all the color and action on the screen from my video game they played a bit with the color. Since the yellow tint is on the lense, there was a small color adjustment that I noticed. This change in color did take a little longer for me not to notice as my instinct kept me pulling the glasses down the bridge of my nose so I could see the difference. But just like with the computer monitor, after a while I got used to them. Again, the lightweight feel was a pleasant bonus during my hour-long gaming spins. No headaches occurred from wearing them for so long either which was great! Every once in a while I would take them off and play without them and could tell the difference. My eyes didn’t really bother me before but if wearing these when I fire up my computer or console will save my eyes for the long run then count me in.

GUNNAR - The Micron


I’m not getting any younger and I’d like the chance to protect my eyes if I can. These aren’t super expensive specs and won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. They come in a great range of styles and fits, frame colors and lense types, and even have prescription options. My advice is to try them. By all means try them. Because if you’re like us, you’ve seen GUNNAR either in a store or at a convention, heck maybe you’ve even seen them on some gamers during a Twitch stream – bottom line is that can’t know if they’ll help you give them a try. And with their 30-day money back guarantee, it’s really a win/win situation. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the review! Have been looking at these for awhile. Might go get these now that you gave the ok!

    • No problem buddy! Glad we could help 🙂

      I’ve been wanting to try a pair for the longest time. Still using them daily at work too. My only special note would be to say that if you’re using them for work and use programs like PS, I’d get a pair with crystal lenses!

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