Hello Boys. – Crowley Gets a Funko Pop!

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Charlie…. and now. Could it be? Is it finally happening?

Hello Boys!

Crowley - Supernatural - Funko - Pop

It seems that our favorite Supernatural foe is finally getting his own Funko Pop!, or at least that’s what the internet rumor-mill is telling us, and it looks like he’ll be out in January 2015.

No official word has come from our friends at Funko, but there is a pre-order available on several websites, which makes us think it’s really happening.  Click on the image above or hit up the following link to pre-order your Crowley Pop!

Pre-Order Your Supernatural Crowley Pop! Vinyl Figure

Somewhere, Mark Sheppard is smiling from ear-to-ear. He can finally replace his “home made” figure from SDCC with a proper Pop!

Supernatural - SDCC 2014 - 02 - Hello Boys

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  1. It doesn’t look like Crowley. He needs a red tie, darker hair, a smug grin, and instead of the (I think its a coffee cup) maybe a lesh with an invisible Hell Hound.

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