Holiday Shirts for the Nerd In Us All

A few months ago I wrote about the Shirt of the Day Phenomenon and we’ve been talking about it almost every day since then.  These nerd culture mashups have become their own art form and we keep finding more and more awesome shirt designs that we MUST HAVE.

Well, now it seems that a new subcategory of shirt designs has emerged and I would be failing you all if I didn’t share – Holiday Shirt of the Day!

HAPPY HOLI-shirt-of-the-DAYS

What am I talking about here? Geek/nerd culture mashed up with a holiday theme or just ideas from your favorite holiday movies.  Think Minions meet Christmas, a Leg Lamp, Bumble or Sere-Knitty (a pattern that looks like a knitted Serenity sweater).  The possibilities are limitless!

We’ve been watching and sharing some of these shirt designs over the last few weeks and I’m willing to bet we are “in the zone” right now (meaning we’ll see a bunch of new ones each day).  We are twenty days out from Christmas, which leaves plenty of time for you to pick up the perfect holiday-themed shirt as a gift for someone you love (or more likely for yourself).

WARNING – below are images of some of the best shirt designs we’ve seen, but not all of these designs will be available when you want.  Shirt-of-the-day sites typically offer their designs for a day or a week at most.  You may just have to keep your eyes open for the design to come back around on another site.  Hint: Follow us on Facebook & Twitter or bookmark this article for updates!

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  1. I haven’t ever seen these before! These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Marissa! Sully and I usually make it a point to call out some of the best shirts we’ve ever seen. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for sure to see what we find!

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