‘Hope’ and ‘Poker Face’ – Tee No Evil Drops TWO New Shirt Designs

Does Friday the 13th have to be a day filled with just bad luck? The crew over at Tee No Evil says nay!

The brothers Te are shedding light on this day with good fortune for all with two new shirt designs – ‘Hope’ and ‘Poker Face‘. So whether you’re needing to call a Doctor in a zombie apocalypse or just an upset Goalie, they have you covered. Can’t decide which one to get? Tee No Evil has you covered. Take advantage of their special deal by entering the promo code ‘Happy13‘ and save 20% on their website this weekend.

So go forth brave souls and make this day your own. Just watch out for black cats……



The zombie apocalypse can be really stressful with the flesh eaters on your tail. But did you know a single phone booth can bring hope to this forsaken world?




Some hackers are really hard to read.  Whether they’re happy or sad, they’re expressionless.  Once in a while though, they’ll show you how they really feel.



ABOUT Tee No Evil

We’re big fans of Tee No Evil and have been since we first found out about them on Kickstarter.

Quality is our #1 priority and that’s the reason we chose ringspun shirts. The comfortable shirts are thick, ring-spun and 100% cotton.  The shirts are tagless to avoid the itch on the back of your neck.  Oh, did we mention that each shirt will have a custom printed label?

Tee No Evil stands by their original promise and we were really impressed by their quality and packaging.

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