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When criminals and maniacs threaten the DC Universe, more often than not the Justice League will step in to intervene. But what happens when the forces of the mystical and supernatural start to make trouble? That’s when you call in the Justice League Dark.

The premise for the movie in the above trailer shows a dark and ominous presence invading the streets of the public and is of a supernatural nature. When the JLA meet, they decide to enlist the help of those that may be more suitable with this type of battle. We’ll admit that one of the biggest draws for us is the fact that we get to see hear Matt Ryan’s triumphant return as the Master of the Dark Arts himself – John Constantine! We’re fierce fans of the now defunct show that was on the CW so we welcome any chance to get more Matt Ryan any day. Prior knowledge of the JLD for us is somewhat limited but we’re nonetheless on board for Justice League Dark and this trailer just further drives home the notion that we need to head to our local comic shop to brush up this very interesting team!


Once upon a time, Guillermo del Toro was working on a big screen adaptation of JLD and fans were really looking forward to it. Here’s a director who is also a fanboy at heart so those loyal to the source material were pretty confident that del Toro would do the team proud. After having Blade 2 and both of the Hellboy films under his belt, comic book adaptations are not something new to him. Unfortunately when all signs were pointing for him to make some sort of announcement about the film, he instead let it be known that he had to let Justice League Dark go for Pacific Rim 2. It just wasn’t in the scheduling cards at the time. Fast forward to present day and we have  the recent animated JLD trailer. This makes another entry into the DC Universe Animated Original Movie series and it will go straight to video in February 2017. But don’t let the straight-to-video tag fool you. Judging from we see, Justice League Dark looks like it’s going to follow nicely in the footsteps of Batman: The Killing Joke and the 20+ animated films DC has in it’s collection.

The JLD film puts Jay Oliva in the director’s chair and features a very strong voice cast that includes Rosario Dawson, Jerry O’Connell, Matt Ryan, Jeremy Davies, Jason O’Mara, Camilla Luddington, Roger Cross, Ray Chase, and Alfred Molina.


Release Date: February 7, 2017 (to video)

Directed By: Jay Oliva

Starring: The voices of Rosario Dawson, Jerry O’Connell, Matt Ryan, Alfred Molina, Camilla Luddington, Roger Cross, Nicholas Turturro, Ray Chase

Synopsis: Justice League Dark finds the world under attack from supernatural forces that prompts the Justice League’s Batman to seek aid from occult investigator John Constantine. Constantine forms a team of other supernatural superheroes — Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon — to help save the world. — via IGN



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