Let Your Favorite Fandom Tell the Time

Let’s be honest…

As nerds and geeks, we have it pretty good with finding our lovable fandoms in what would otherwise be mundane items that are then transformed into something way cooler. A Doctor Who shower caddy. A Han Solo throw rug. Even a drinking coffee out of mug seems less boring once the morning brew is coming out of Deadpool’s skull. Gross? Maybe. Cool? You bet your chimichanga!

When it comes to watches however, they are not the easiest to find in different fandoms. Yes there are the occasional finds here and there but thanks to ThinkGeek, they gathered a rather nice collection for us fans. We’ve selected some of our favorite (and ones that were in stock) to share. Take a look and see for yourself. Time’s a wastin’!

Okay, I couldn’t resist at least one “time” pun.


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  1. A Wheatly from Portal watch would be a awesome addition.

  2. derka derka derka

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