Loot Crate – February 2016 Unboxing – DEAD

Hot off the heels of PAX South and publicized changes for Loot Crate (the original nerdy/geeky subscription box service) we received our February Crate. It was another great month of hints and teasers leading up to the release, so we had a general idea of what we were going to find when we opened up the latest offering, but it turns out we really weren’t prepared. Could the February Crate, themed DEAD, live up to the hype? You make the call in our unbox/reveal – below!

Welcome, fearless Looter! You have shown great courage venturing this far – but we ask that you come with us a bit farther to explore the deadly franchises that inspired this month’s theme.  Deadpool (his movie is out this month) and The Walking Dead (the series also returns this month).


Not familiar with Loot Crate?  For under $20 a month, they deliver a box of Geek & Gamer gear valued at over $40.  Shirts, stickers, collectibles from companies like kidrobot, Funko, Quantum Mechanix, etc. and random fun stuff like sunglasses & socks.  All the gear is nerd/geek themed and every month is like Nerd Christmas.


The February theme is DEAD and, as always, Loot Crate delivered with an assortment of items perfect for just about any nerd/geek!

Let’s play WHAT”S IN THE BOX?!!

Loot Crate - February - 2016 - numbers

  1. Deadpool X-Force Variant Q-Fig Figure (Quantum Mechanix)    EXCLUSIVE
  2. The Walking Dead BIG Head Figure Construction Set (McFarlane Toys)    EXCLUSIVE
  3. Deadpool Tacos?! T-Shirt (Fifth Sun)    EXCLUSIVE
  4. February 2016 Loot Pin (Loot Crate Labs)    EXCLUSIVE
  5. LC Magazine – February 2016
  6. The Walking Dead Soap-on-a-Rope (A Crowded Coop)    EXCLUSIVE

And here’s a closer look at the contents of the February crate.  Click on any of the images below for a larger version, complete with sharing options

Ultimately, you are the one that decides whether or not the DEAD Crate was a winner or not, but I have some opinions.  Honestly, I loved this month’s crate. As Loot Crate has stated before, they reduced the number of items in the box, but increased the overall quality of the included. The shirt is great (one of the best designs ever included) & the McFarlane BIG Head figure was really cool, but that Q-Fig figure from Quantum Mechanix is one of the all-time best things ever included in a Loot Crate – hands down!! Just a beautifully sculpted piece AND we were lucky enough to land the X-Force Variant!!


The March Loot Crate Theme has already been revealed  and it is “VS!”

Stay tuned and follow along in social as Loot Crate reveals more about the upcoming Crate. We already know there are some awesome fandoms included, but what types of items will be included?


Our friends at LootCrate have a special offer for Nerd Fu fans – 10% off your first subscription.  Not only will you get a discount, but we’ll get a little something for you signing up too.  Win & Win!

Sign up now and use the code NERDFU to get that 10% off.


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  1. X-Force variant FTW my nerds, awesome!

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