Loot Gaming – June Unboxing – ARENA

The big reveal of Loot Gaming first made headlines at Pax South 2016. Loot Crate’s new subscription box offering sounded like a win-win for gamers everywhere and we were excited about the potential.

If you’ve been on-the-fence about Loot Gaming or are simply interested in seeing what it has to offer, look no further. We’ve got an unbox/reveal of the June crate, themed ARENA.

Welcome to the ARENA.
With the release of Overwatch, there is no better time to celebrate titans colliding as champions and warriors compete to he the best in a massive battle arena! The ARENA crate features items from Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2, and Street Fighter V….. So grab some health packs and stand by your teammates. It’s time to enter the fray.


Not familiar with Loot Gaming? For $25 a month, Loot Gaming’s themed crates will feature a curated selection of items from the best video game brands, including indies, AAA, retro and new releases. Each crate will feature 4-6 premium items, with most exclusively manufactured for Loot Crate. In addition, it will include a game manual style booklet and exclusive collector’s Loot Gaming pin for a total retail value of more than $60. In addition to collectibles, apparel, accessories and physical items, Loot Gaming will on occasion include digital items such as downloadable games, digital items or in game DLC.


The June theme is ARENA and it was our first time to receive a Loot Gaming crate. We knew some of the licenses that would be included and couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

Let’s play WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!!

Loot Gaming - June ARENA - numbers


  1. Street Fighter V  T-Shirt (Loot Gaming Labs)    EXCLUSIVE
  2. DOTA 2 Gaming Mat (We Love Fine)    EXCLUSIVE
  3. ARENA Coin Pin (K&S Specialty Products)     EXCLUSIVE
  4. Overwatch Tracer Funko Pop! (Funko)    EXCLUSIVE 
  5. Team Fortress 2 Art Print (We Love Fine)    EXCLUSIVE 
  6. Team Fortress 2 Scout Hat (We Love Fine)    EXCLUSIVE 
  7. ARENA Game Manual
  8. The Culling outfit DLC – details included in the ARENA Game Manual    EXCLUSIVE

And here’s a closer look at the contents of the June crate.

Click on any of the images below for a larger version, complete with sharing options


Was the ARENA Loot Gaming crate a Winner? Since we all have different fandoms and interests, that is really up to you. Personally, I loved the contents of this crate, especially the Funko Pop! & the T-Shirt! The game mat and the Team Fortress 2 hat will also get a lot of use. I consider the crate a WIN and a good value. Seven exclusives all for under $30. What’s not to love?


The July Gaming crate (STRANDED) has already shipped and the August crate will be revealed soon, but we do have a hint.

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