‘Love Actually’ Cast Reunites for Red Nose Day

I get a lot grief for liking loving the movie Love Actually. People say it’s sappy or that it’s just another run-of-the-mill RomCom. Whatever. I don’t care. I love it. And now, one of my FAVORITE movies of all time, returns with a special 10 minute sequel for Red Nose Day called Red Nose Day Actually! As you can see from the above teaser trailer, a handful of the cast will reunite to remind us that love is….all around.

Red Nose Day (today) is the reason behind this merry assembly of the former castmates. If you’re unfamiliar with the day, here’s a quick description:

Red Nose Day is a UK-wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. On Red Nose Day everyone is encouraged to cast inhibitions aside, put on a Red Nose and fundraise – celebrities included! It culminates in a night of cutting edge comedy and moving documentary films on BBC One. Red Nose Day unites the entire nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people across Africa and the UK who are facing terrible injustice or living in desperate poverty.

Writer-director Richard Curtis said that he “never dreamt of writing a sequel to Love Actually” but he thought it would be fun to see what happened to everyone 14 years later. Although the world lost the incredibly talented and charismatic Alan Rickman last year, we’ll get to see the stars of the film that include Hugh Grant, Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bill Nighy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Martine McCutcheon, Liam Neeson, Lucia Moniz, Olivia Olson, Marcus Brigstocke, and Rowan Atkinson. I think it’s really awesome that Curtis was able to get that many of the cast back for this special engagement. There’s no doubt that fans of the film will feel the love from the moment they hear the familiar theme to the next when the stars are holding up their “confession” signs. To us, it is perfect.

Red Nose Day Actually will premiere today on the BBC and on May 25th 10/9c on NBC.


'Love Actually' Cast Reunites for Red Nose Day


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