Man of Steel Sequel Flies Ahead Thanks to Warner Bros.

There aren’t a lot of movies that do this great before they even come out. Sure, you and I both know where we’ll be this coming Friday (and in some cases….the Thursday midnight showing also) but now our mouths can really let the drool out. Warner Bros. is taking no chances with the “Big S” and has already turned on the fast track light. And rightly so when you think about the DC Comic powerhouse trifecta known as The Dark Knight trilogy and the impact those films have had. Man of Steel is poised to make the same big punch.

According to, the MOS’s own heroic duo will return: Zack Snyder as director and David S. Goyer as screenwriter. It’s unsure what capacity, if any, Christopher Nolan will have but we can’t see them not wanting him around for pointers. He’s done right by us so far so we’ll continue the good faith.

While there is no official word yet on what potential peeks, if any, we might get at the end of Man of Steel (think Marvel teasers), but I think it’s safe to say that any hint at the anxiously awaited Justice League movie would be just “super.”

(sorry I couldn’t resist that last one)

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  1. This is fantastic news and (if internet rumors are true) I am pretty sure that Nolan is serving as the Godfather of the DC Universe. Also, there’s been some chatter of other superheroes and references to them appearing in Man of Steel (I’m not throwing out any spoilers on purpose).
    I for one will be there this weekend to see what Snyder, Goyer and Nolan have done. Can’t wait!

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