Marvel and Netflix Series Jessica Jones Drops AKA

In one of the best name changes since Justin Timberlake told a doe-eyed Mark Zukerberg in The Social Network to “take the ‘the’ out, the AKA has been dropped from the title of upcoming Marvel/Netflix series Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter. This is terrific news. That extra piece of the show’s name was like a fly at a picnic – sure you can live with it but you know you’d have more fun without it.

According to, Marvel confirmed with them that yes, the title for the show had indeed been changed to just say Marvel’s Jessica Jones. You can see their screenshot if you go to their page OR just look below. You know I had to see this for myself. And sure enough:

Marvel / Netflix

As of this moment, I checked Marvel’s site and nothing about this Jessica Jones name change is on there. It’s not a big deal but I hope it’s true. Like JT said – “It’s cleaner”.

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