Marvel Collector Corps – Year In Review

Can you believe it has been a year already? Marvel Collector Corps was announced last January and teased with an image that will forever be synonymous with Funko and the subscription box service – the Hulkbuster Pop! The first deliveries started a few months later and the rest is simply a blur.

Every two months, starting in April 2015, Funko has delivered an awesome box, filled with high-quality Marvel & Funko collectible products. “No fluff, no filler” was their motto and, in my opinion, they delivered as promised.  Funko Pop!’s, comic books, Pop! Tees, Pop! Home mugs, Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Mopeez, Pocket Pop!’s, a scarf and more. And let’s not forget about the patches and pins that came with every box. The boxes were as varied as they were exciting.

Marvel Collector Corps – Year One

In case you aren’t up to speed on the Marvel Collector Coprs boxes, or simply want to walk down memory lane with us, here’s a recap of the first year.

Debut Box – Avengers: Age of Ultron
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 1 - Avengers - Age of Ultron

Box Two – Ant-Man
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 2 - Ant-Man

Box Three – Secret Wars
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 3 - Secret Wars

Box Four – Villains
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 4 - Villains

Box Five – Guardians of the Galaxy
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 5 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Box Six – Deadpool
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Marvel Collector Corps - Box 6 - Deadpool


Marvel Collector Corps – Founder Level

One of the things that set Funko’s subscription service apart from all of the others in the market was their Founders program.  Customers who signed up for the Founders program, which included the six-box subscription, receive an exclusive Founder Statue on the 12-month anniversary of their first box shipment.

My Founders statue arrived today and that’s what got me to thinking back on the year. #TeamCap #JustSayin

Marvel Collector Corps - Founders Statue - 2015

What do you think about Marvel Collector Corps – Year One?

Whether you were a Collector, a Founder or a bystander, we’re interested in your educated opinions on the first year.

  • What was your favorite box?
  • What was your favorite item?
  • What future improvements or additions would you like to see in the service?
  • Are there any themes that you really want to happen?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.  I’m gonna start things off with my thoughts, so scroll down and take a look.

Who knows – maybe someone at Funko will take notice and incorporate your idea into future deliveries.

WIN a One Year Marvel Collector Corps Subscription

We’re not the only ones looking for feedback on the MCC. Head over to the Collector Corps blog, using the link below and rank the first six boxes in order from most to least favorite for your chance to win a one year MCC Subscription from Funko.

The survey will close Monday, March 14th at 9am PT, so hurry over and enter now!


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  1. My favorite box – Close call, but I have to go with Deadpool
    My favorite item – Hulkbuster or Deadpool Pop! (leaping). I really can’t decide.
    I’d like to see more Chase figures or variants.
    Themes – How about Wolverine, X-Men, Ladies of Marvel and/or a Stan Lee box.
    I love the service and hope to continue using it for a long, long time.

  2. Favourite box – Villains, purely because the Pop was Morbius – I love that there’s a chance for more obscure characters to appear in these boxes.
    Favourite item – Aside from the Pops themselves, I’d go for the Star-Lord mug – it’s perfect for a bit of lunchtime soup action.
    Improvements/additions – As I said above, I’d love some more obscure characters who might not get a shot in the main lines, like Speedball or Sleepwalker.
    Suggestions for themes – period-specific things, like a 1970s box with an original-costume Wolverine or Storm.

  3. My favorite box was Ant-Man. It came at the perfect time – literally the day I went to see an advance screening the box showed up, so I was able to wear my t-shirt to the movie. That tiny Ant-Man Pop! is just so adorable, I find myself hiding him in little places on my shelves just so he’s got a cute place to peek out from. I wound up buying the Mystery Minis because I liked them so much but didn’t get the cool ones (I got unmasked Ant-Man, which is my least favorite thing, and the silver Ant-Man; really wanted the Yellow Jacket and black Ant-Man).

    My favorite item is the scarf in the Guardians of the Galaxy box. It’s a super nice scarf (quality, heft, color) and full of great little details.

    Improvements to the service? My only thought is to have fans vote for a theme every few months. Give us a voice in what the box will contain.

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