Marvel Logo Bookends x Gentle Giant Ltd.

There are three words to describe my favorite fandom of all-time: Make Mine Marvel. As a big Marvel fan, I try to keep on the lookout that one cool item that shows the spirit of the Big M in a unique way. We see lots of cool t-shirts, figures, etc. and now we’re seeing a lot of really awesome things for the office and home. Gentle Giant, Ltd. is no stranger to making some of the sickest figures around so it’s no wonder why they didn’t lend they craftsmanship to their Marvel Logo Bookends! Commence drooling now….

Marvel Logo Bookends x Gentle Giant Ltd.

Gentle Giant LTD is happy to bring you the next in our bookend series, the MARVEL logo bookends. This set of bookends is based off of the iconic logo that accompanies all of our favorite characters, wherever they go. The MARVEL logo bookends are manufactured using high quality polystone and are hand painted. They are perfect for holding comics, graphic novels, books, DVDs and video games OR simply displaying them together by themselves!

Right now, the Marvel Logo Bookends are available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. Shipment is estimated right now to be in April 2017. I know that sounds like a long time from now but the look of these bookends would make the wait so worth it. Being one of the most iconic logos out there in the pop culture realm today, these are pretty much impossible to pass up!

Marvel Logo Bookends x Gentle Giant Ltd.

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