Marvel Studios Week = $5 Films at Cinemark

Marvel fans will soon have the chance to catch up on the MCU at select Cinemark theaters! For a limited time, the national theater chain is hosting Marvel Studios Week at Cinemark XD from August 25 – August 31. You’ll get a chance to see almost every single one of Marvel’s biggest films on the big screen, going all the way back to the first Iron Man to Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! This is a great opportunity fans like us that love returning to the theater to see the MCU films om all of their cinematic glory! Or on the flipside, if you or your friends have yet to see one of these films below, here’s your chance. The icing on this MARVELous cake? Each one of the movies will only cost you $5!

For a complete list of participating Cinemark theaters, visit their website here. Also, if you’re looking to snack while you sit back and enjoy seeing your favorite heroes on the big screen, Cinemark has great deals at the concession stand! For only $2 each, grab a large fountain drink, packaged candy, hot dogs, Dibs, or Dasani bottled water. And for only $3 each, you can score a large popcorn or large ICEE (my personal favorite)!

See you at the movies True Believers!



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