Marvel x kidrobot’s New 7″ Labbits: Deadpool and Ghost Rider

When kidrobot chooses what Marvel character they want Frank Kozik to tackle with his artistic prowess, it seems like they never go wrong. With Wolverine and Venom Labbits behind them already, the next two Marvel icons they have chosen are Deadpool and Ghost Rider and these two aren’t taking any crap. Far from being your ordinary cute little bunnies, the amazing detail and artistry on these guys would make the Easter Bunny run for the hills.


Up in flames! Riding the thin line between earth and hell, Labbit’s demonic half takes control. With flaming head, this 7-inch vinyl stunt rider is always smorkin’.


Look out! The merc with a mouth, left for dead and too vengeful to die, will smork you. Wielding a samurai-sword-dagger-tommy-gatling-shot-gun weapon, this red and black 7-inch vinyl antihero is loaded with ammunition in the front and the behind.

– kidrobot


The “Merc with a Mouth” and the “Spirit of Vengeance are available now for $49.99 at – get one (or both) before they’re gone!

Click on any of the photos below for a larger image, complete with sharing options so you can tell your friends you knew about this #nerdygoodness before they did.



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