Marvel’s Resident ‘Doctor’ May Be Johnny Depp [UPDATE]

Someone may be messing around the in the Marvel rumor mill. Or perhaps not. Just we heard about Micheal Douglas getting the nod to join JGL in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Now Latino Review, has just released something they said they had been teasing:

A well-connected source informed me tonight that Johnny Depp has taken a meeting with Marvel to discuss taking on the role of Dr. Strange.


– LR

They go on to report that the 50-year-old actor is “a comic book fan, and is said to be very interested in jumping onto the Marvel machine.” Depp, who’s best known for his role as the pirate with swagger Captain Jack Sparrow, is no doubt capable of playing Doctor Strange. As far as looks, I can see Depp playing Stephen Strange, especially with the hair. Speaking of hair, it wasn’t that long ago when all this talk about the good “Doctor” surfaced with Patrick Dempsey’s name in the same sentence according to Screenrant. So far Marvel has done a pretty good job of casting their universe with pretty much believable (if not sometimes modified) actors who fit the bill. Even the ones that we think may not quite pull off their roles have made skeptics into “true believers”. And although Strange is part of Phase 3 for the big studio, we’ll take whatever news we get to hold us over. Can you imagine what will happen when we start seeing test footage, concept art, or better yet…….that first teaser poster? <head explodes>



So, as you’re aware, the Interwebs can be a fickle beast. As I wrote and posted this article earlier today on the Facebook, I was greeted by several users who informed me of some news we had missed. It seems that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is being looked at for the role of the Sorcerer Supreme. I say “looked at” because Marvel hasn’t confirmed anything. Yes, the studio that actually makes the movie has not said anything. I’ve been looking A LOT at other sites and Twitter all day and it’s true – a handful of the most popular movie news sites are talking about (if not switching gears) to Jon Hamm. At the core of this new information: and who are leading the pack with this update. Long story short, some sites are suggesting that the Depp tease started largely by LR, may have been more smoke and mirrors than fact. Here’s what TIF reports:

Requests from comment from Marvel, Hamm, Olyphant and Dempsey were all met with silence, as to be expected, and the denials may start rolling in in no time, but, as one insider remarked to me as we worked hard to nail down this story, “I don’t bet… but, if I did, I’d make a lot of money if I wagered on Jon Hamm.”



strange twitter

Yup you’re reading that right. There were more hats in the ring other than Hamm and Depp. We knew about Patrick Dempsey already but we didn’t know about Justified’s Timothy Olyphant. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name was also tossed around a while back but that fizzled out fairly quickly. So what now? As you can see above, Marvel isn’t saying anything about anything so we may be back at square one. Or we could treat this like the recent Vin Diesel long-standing rumor turned true about the actor voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. That came true right?


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