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METALS Die-Cast has a huge library of officially-licensed figures, including must-haves like DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters & The Walking Dead (just to name a few). Now they’ve taken their game to a whole new level with the addition of Disney!! Over the last few months, new Metalfigs have been making their way to retailers & we couldn’t wait to add them to our collection.

Thanks to our friends at Jada Toys (makers of the METALS Die Cast figures), we got our hands on several of the new figures, including the latest 2.5″ & 4″ Metalfigs. As always, we had to share, and what better way to do that than with some photos?!



The 4″ Disney lineup of Metalfigs includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Belle, Provincial Belle (shown below) as well as Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Maleficent & Briar Rose. They’re all made of heavy die-cast metal and look amazing in or out of package.

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Disney - Metals Die-Cast - Metalfigs - 4 Inch


The new 2.5″ Metalfigs lineup includes Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Sulley, Mike Wakowski, Jack Skellington & Stitch! Just like their larger 4″ counterpart, the figures are made up of heavy die-cast metal and would look amazing on any desk or alongside the rest of your collection.


The detail on these new figures is beyond amazing and (as with all of their previous figures) the paint is just beautiful. Every figure is so bright and vivid, just like they were taken straight out of the films. Some of the paints, like Belle (in her yellow dress), Mike Wazowski and Sulley include glitter, giving the figure a nice sparkle that looks amazing in the right light.

All of these figures are available at retailers now, including:


Interested in seeing what other awesome figures are available from Jada Toys? Check out their social channels and follow-along for updates and new releases:


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