Monopoly: Planet of the Apes Edition

If you’ve been missing a little extra nostalgia in your board game life, then USAopoly may have just what you need. This September, collectors will be able add this custom Monopoly: Planet of the Apes Edition board game to their game night lineup! This special edition features custom artwork by artist Dave Perillo who has worked with fan-favorite print companies like Mondo and Bottleneck Gallery. We love Perillo’s illustration work and his take on the Planet of the Apes as it really stands out as the heart of the game. To go along with this groovy throwback vibe, players will be treated to custom game tokens that include Taylor and Cornelius plus specially-themed Planet of the Apes locations like the Statue of Liberty Ruins and Cornelius and Zira’s Home. Full game details are below as well as the link to pre-order!

The Planet of the Apes Monopoly  features custom illustrated art by Dave Perillo with a vintage feel from the classic 1968 science fiction film.

Monopoly - Planet of the Apes Edition

Monopoly: PLANET OF THE APES Edition

  • 6 custom chip board movers and bases – Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Zira, Taylor, Nova, and General Ursus
  • Custom designed game board by Dave Perillo
  • Houses and Hotels renamed to Cages and Corrals
  • Custom Community Chest and Chance Cards renamed to Human See and Human Do
  • Custom themed Monopoly Money
  • Instructions

Monopoly - Planet of the Apes Edition

Monopoly - Planet of the Apes Edition

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