Ottawa Comiccon 2016 – ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary) appeared at Ottawa Comiccon and took the stage Saturday afternoon for a Q&A panel with fans.  The Legends of Tomorrow co-stars dished on the show, their characters and other projects they had been a part of.

Legends of Tomorrow is a fantastic show, especially for fans of Arrow & The Flash, since many of the main characters were part of those shows before breaking off to join the LOT team. If you aren’t already watching it, get it added to the DVR list now.

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Ottawa Comiccon doesn’t allow any video recordings of their panels, but we were able to capture some notes/highlights:

  • Just prior to the show, it was announced that Supergirl would be moving to The CW. One fan asked if Darvill & Lotz would like to see their characters cross-over with that show.  Caity Lotz : “I wanna go on all the shows! I do – I wanna go on Flash. Their show seems so light-hearted and fun.  Supergirl would be funny.  I would love to see the White Canary meet Supergirl…. maybe she’d hit on her.  Sara needs a new love interest.” #SuperCanary
  • Arthur Darvill took things a step further and said “I think all the CW shows should cross over with one another. I think, because we can time travel and we have a spaceship, we could pop up in any of them…. Pop up in Supernatural.” which got a huge reaction from the audience.
  • Of course, someone asked Arthur Darvill about his time on Doctor Who and how he liked transitioning from traveling with a Time Lord to being a Time Master. He said “It was good…. Because Rip and Rory were such different people it didn’t feel like I was repeating myself.”
  • Darvill let it slip that Caity Lotz was banned from hover-boarding on the set. She actually received a notice from WB Safety telling her that was no longer allowed.
  • One kid tried to ask Caity to his High School Prom, and when Caity said he shouldn’t, the attention was turned to Arthur. Darvill said “Only if I get to wear a really pretty dress.”
  • Darvill & Lotz commented on the Wave Rider from LOT, saying “Hopefully we are going to make some improvements on it. We’ve got a list of things we want to fix on it, so you might see a slightly different one is Season 2.”

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